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NFTs Part Two: Why are they popular in the Art World?

​Welcome to Part Two of Alchemy’s blog on NFT Art!Picking up where we left off – we now know what NTFs are and what they represent. But why do people buy them? Why have they become so popular in ...

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Digital Nomads working abroad international move relocation
What Motivates Individuals to Move to a New Country?

​82% of employers in the US anticipate an increase in foreign employees over the next 12 months. This begs the question: “What would motivate you to make an international move?”. Secondly, given re...

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Alchemy Global Talent Solutions Announced as Winner of Outstanding International Recruitment Firm of the Year

​Alchemy Global Talent Solutions is very proud to be announced as the winner of Outstanding International Recruitment Firm of the year at the INT-X Awards 2022. It is an honour to be recognised...

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Cube Digital Art Nft
NFT Art Explained: Part One

​In 2022, NFTs, bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain seem to be words present in every conversation on technology, art or futurism. Galleries and Auction houses are setting up their very own NF...

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Remote Team Working Work From Home
What is an Employer of Record?

​The best prospects aren't always in the best places. Attracting the right talent can be as simple as offering the correct packages to encourage the “work from anywhere” culture. Many global ...

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Benefits Of Hiring A Global Workforce

The number of employees working remotely has increased dramatically in the last year. Although there were some snags at first, many businesses have adjusted to this new normal, and remote working a...

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Is Corporate Housing Becoming More Eco-Friendly?

Eco Issues in HospitalityClimate change and environmental issues are global issues. With massive volumes of garbage generated, energy consumed, and disposable goods, the hotel business has a signif...

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Dual Citizenship - Two Passports Are Better Than One

What is Dual CitizenshipIf you have dual citizenship, you are a citizen of two different countries at the same time. Citizenship of a second country is normally obtained by parentage, birthplace, o...

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Moving Overseas? Here Are Some Tips For Learning The Language

Moving to a different country is an exciting experience that also provides an excellent opportunity to learn new life skills, such as learning a new language. This may appear to be a difficult unde...

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Artificial Intelligence And The Risk To The Immigration Sector

​It's no longer a science fiction fantasy...Artificial intelligence (AI) was once a sci-fi fantasy of the future; now, it is a functioning and ever-increasing part of numerous industries, including...

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young couple hot air balloons adventure
5 Tips For Relocating Overseas

​Every year, people relocate abroad, but many do not feel prepared before the move, and it can take a long time for them to settle in once they arrive... Feeling homesick or going through culture s...

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young professional man working at laptop
When To Consider Using An Employer Of Record

​What exactly is an Employer Of Record?Many of us have never even heard of an EOR, let alone used one's services. So, what exactly is an EOR, and why should you use one?Employer of Record (EOR) ref...

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rubber ducks at sea
Overboard! When Shipping Containers Are Lost At Sea

​According to estimates, over 10,000 shipping containers are lost at sea each year; however, accurate figures are difficult to come by because not all losses are reported.With the rise in consumer ...

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antique fine art green vase
Auction Houses vs Online Bidding

High-end retailers and luxury brands have been hesitant to offer their items online in the past, and have avoided using digital selling platforms. This is a deliberate decision taken by powerful fi...

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Check In On Your Employee’s Wellbeing And Improve Their Productivity

​2020 and 2021 have been a whirlwind for all, we have said goodbye to life as we know it and have had to adapt to the realisation that we are in a global pandemic and things may never be the same a...

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geometric building purple sky
Corporate Housing Providers Face Competition From Airbnb

The Corporate Housing industry is facing strong competition from Airbnb in the world of temporary stays. When travelling for work or pleasure, the choice of where to stay is critical to the fun and...

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Thinking Of Hiring A Specialist Recruitment Agency? Here Are Some Key Factors To Help You Decide.

Are you having trouble attracting top personnel for your company in a competitive market, or are you still looking for the appropriate match for your team?Because people are a company's most valuab...

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Should You Consider A Specialist Moving Company?

​So you've made the decision to relocate... One of life's major pressures is the logistics of itemising, packing, and transporting everything from point A to point B. Is this a process that you can...

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airplane travel city expatriate
Tips For Sending Employees On An International Assignment

​An overseas assignment can be a great journey in a person's life, but it can also be rather intimidating to move to another country and leave behind their old life.As an employer, it is critical t...

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art paintbrush canvas paint
Should Art Be Restored?

The Art Of RestorationThe art of restoration is the subject of heated and long-running controversy.Is it lowering the value of art? After restoration, who can an artwork be truly credited to? What ...

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