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Dry Cargo Broker jobs

A Dry Cargo Broker is a specialist role within ship brokering. Typically, this role deals with the chartering of bulk carriers on behalf of either a ship owner or a charterer who has a cargo that needs to be shipped.


This is a very responsible position and calls for someone who has an understanding of international shipping and pays close attention to the markets. A Dry Cargo Broker is expected to be able to advise his clients on how to get the maximum profits from their vessels, as well as keep expenses to an absolute minimum.

What does a Dry Cargo Broker job description include?

  • You will have responsibility for maintaining a database of vessel positions, tonnage, rates and cargos.
  • A Dry Cargo Broker is required to develop business relationships and to build-up a database of contacts.
  • You will be working as part of a team in niche markets and so it is important that you are able to adapt and respond to market changes quickly.
  • Your principle role will be to charter bulk carriers or containers on behalf of the client and to keenly negotiate the deal from start to finish and to also follow-up as required.
  • You will be required to closely monitor the direction of the markets and advise clients accordingly to ensure maximum profits.

Key skills and qualifications of a Dry Cargo Broker:

  • A commercial degree is usually required or an associated shipping qualification.
  • Previous experience is usually essential, but some employers may accept previous work experience in a similar occupation.
  • A Dry Cargo Broker, like any Ship Brokering position calls for a cool head at times and excellent negotiating skills.
  • This role would ideally suit someone who is business focused and personally driven to succeed both on a personal level, but for the client also.
  • An in-depth understanding of the shipping industry is essential.
  • Excellent numeracy skills and the ability to analyse and present market data.
  • To excel in the role of a Dry Cargo Broker you must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to operate Microsoft Office, ie Word, Excel.

How to find more Dry Cargo Broker jobs within the Maritime Industry:

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