Global Mobility

Alchemy is the industry-leading HR and global talent solutions provider for the International Mobility and Assignment Services sector.

We hire for global multinational employers, consulting firms and Relocation Management companies of all sizes worldwide, supporting recruitment from entry-level through to C-suite.

Our Talent Alchemists are experts in this employment sector and provide both consulting and direct recruitment to ensure clients and job seekers achieve their recruitment goals.

Not only do our recruiters have years of experience hiring for the immigration and expatriate services sector, but many of our Alchemists are also accredited with the GMS Global Mobility Specialist qualification.

Alchemy hires experienced talent into full-time permanent and contract positions that can be remote working, such as the following job types:​

​We maintain an active talent pool of skilled Global Mobility professionals across many countries proficient in; Assignee Management, COLA/Cost of Living Allowances, Global Mobility Policies, Customer Service, Mobility Programs, Expat Payroll, Compensation, HR, Cost Projections, Project Assignments, Compliance, Information Technology and Balance sheet positions.

In addition to specialising in niche hires for the Mobility sector, Alchemy provides employer recruitment services for all business functions not limited to HR, IT, Finance, Marketing, and general business hiring needs.

To learn more about how Alchemy can assist your company including salary expectations, talent mobility and job postings, contact our Talent Alchemists today. Alternatively, if you are a candidate interested in exploring new job opportunities or career development, please view our global mobility vacancies below, use our broad search function or send your CV resume.

Global Mobility

Our Alchemists

Warren Lo, Associate Talent Alchemist

Warren Lo

Associate Talent Alchemist

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Tiffany Parradine GMS, Chief Talent Alchemist

Tiffany Parradine GMS

Chief Talent Alchemist

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Jeanette Parradine GMS FIRP, Chief Talent Alchemist

Jeanette Parradine GMS FIRP

Chief Talent Alchemist

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Amber Pittard, Chief Talent Alchemist

Amber Pittard

Chief Talent Alchemist

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Rebecca Knightsbridge, Lead Talent Alchemist

Rebecca Knightsbridge

Lead Talent Alchemist

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1. What are Global Mobility jobs, and what do they entail? 

Global Mobility job roles refer to a diverse range of career opportunities that involve managing the movement of employees across international borders. These positions are crucial for multinational companies and organisations with a global presence, ensuring seamless employee transfers and relocations. Professionals in this field play a pivotal role in handling immigration processes, visa applications, and compliance with international regulations. They also assist in developing relocation packages, managing tax implications, and providing essential support to employees transitioning to new countries. The field demands a deep understanding of immigration laws, cultural sensitivities and human resources to create a smooth and positive experience for employees navigating the complexities of international assignments.  

2. What qualifications and skills are essential for a career in this field? 

A career in Global Mobility requires a unique skill set and a blend of expertise from various domains. Experience does matter, but many roles in this area require a degree in human resources, international business, or related fields. Professionals must have strong organisational and project management abilities because they handle several assignments at the same time. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are key and required to work across boundaries with employees, legal experts and diverse stakeholders. Competency understanding local immigration rules and regulations is not only key but essential for ensuring compliance and avoiding legal difficulties. Additionally, having cultural awareness and adaptability to work in a multicultural environment is highly advantageous. 

3. What industries offer opportunities for professionals? 

Professionals are in demand across a wide range of industries that have a global footprint. Multinational corporations, tech companies, financial institutions, and consulting firms are among the prominent sectors that frequently hire for roles. These companies often have a substantial number of employees working across different countries, requiring experts to manage their mobility effectively. Additionally, industries like healthcare, academia, and non-profit organisations also offer opportunities as they expand their global outreach and collaborations. The field continues to grow as companies recognize the value of having a skilled team to navigate the intricacies of international talent management and ensure the success of global assignments.

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