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Global Move Specialist jobs

A Global Move Specialist works to arrange international moves for employees and their families. Global Moving Specialists need to be highly organised to ensure they have everything in place to efficiently move people and their personal effects abroad.

Key tasks in this job include making bookings, preparing documentation, issuing instructions and liaising with clients, crews and shipping lines. The role of a Global Move Specialist is one that can be very exciting and fast moving, requiring someone who can multi-task and work to deadlines.

What does a Global Move Specialist job description include?

  • A Global Move Specialist will manage all aspects of physically moving individuals and their property to another country.
  • A Global Move Specialist also needs to provide professional guidance to customers on issues such as required customs documentation and regulations.
  • Global Move Specialists must communicate regularly to make sure all the right parties have status reports, required information and requests for documentation as needed.
  • A Global Move Specialist will issue warehouses with action lists ready for shipment. They will also prepare packing and delivery instructions for different methods of shipment. All of this must be done in a pro-active way, with follow-up and feedback.  
  • A Global Move Specialist deals daily with logistical move management, This involves making outbound container bookings, LCL bookings and airfreight bookings. All booking and customs/ security documentation must be prepared and submitted to shipping lines, NVOCC, airline agents and destination agents. Moving Specialists must also prepare and submit inbound customs clearance documentation and arrange haulage and delivery bookings.  
  • A Global Move Specialist must review and check improved costs against initial quotes and file these reviews with their line manager. Their aim is to increase profitability at every stage, challenging suppliers on budgeted costs, obtaining spot prices and maximising revenue.
  • A successful Global Move Specialist is methodical and thorough as all paperwork needs to be checked and that purchase orders arrive promptly and match the allocated costs. They must check on actual volumes and services where additional charges are authorised.

Key skills and qualifications of a Global Move Specialist:

  • A good educational background is required and an understanding of basic accounts.
  • Global Moving Specialists need to be confident and competent working with other people and so good interpersonal skills are needed.
  • Global Move Specialist also need to be good at working to deadlines, dealing with paperwork and handling budgets.
  • Strong customer service skills are required as this role demands a proactive communicator who can use phone calls, emails and letters to communicate with suppliers and customers.
  • You will need to demonstrate experience and skill in logistical move management.
  • A Global Move Specialist must be competent with paperwork and accounts – this includes controlling orders and purchase costs, whilst regularly reviewing budgets. It also includes obtaining confirmation of actual charges and breakdowns with every supplier or service provider - including origin, freight and destination service providers.
  • Must be familiar with software programs, e.g. Microsoft Word, etc.

How to find more Global Move Specialist jobs within the Corporate Relocations and International Removals industry:

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