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Commercial Moving Representative Jobs

Commercial Moving Representative FAQs

What are the day-to-day responsibilities of a commercial moving representative?

Commercial moving reps are the main point of contact for business clients during their office or warehouse relocation. Key duties include coordinating surveys of the space and assets being moved, developing customized estimates, securing necessary equipment and services, overseeing packing and loading, resolving any issues during transit, and ensuring client satisfaction throughout the move.

What skills and qualifications are required for this role?

Strong customer service, project coordination, and problem-solving skills are essential. Detail-orientation, physical ability to survey locations, and a valid driver's license are also musts. Experience in logistics or client services is preferred. Background checks are common.

What types of companies hire commercial moving representatives?

Commercial moving reps are employed by office relocation companies that specialize in business moves. These firms have the necessary equipment, workforce, and insurance to safely transport commercial assets like office furniture, computers, servers, lab equipment, manufacturing tools, and inventory.

What kind of training is provided for this job?

Most commercial movers provide on-the-job training on packing methods, equipment operation, safety protocols, estimating tools, and customer service. New hires shadow experienced reps on-site during moves to learn the intricacies. Some firms also offer classroom and online training courses.

What is the typical work schedule for this role?

Schedules can vary based on client needs. Reps need to be on-site during daytime business hours for scouting visits, packing, and moving. Moves are often scheduled during evenings, weekends or holidays to minimize company downtime so hours may be irregular. Expect to be on-call during active moves.

What is the job outlook and salary range for commercial moving reps?

With commercial real estate activity rebounding, demand for qualified movers is growing. Average pay ranges from £29,000-£45,000 annually. With experience commanding larger corporate accounts, top reps can earn £58,000+.

How can someone break into commercial moving without experience?

Taking a warehouse or inventory clerk role to gain on-site knowledge is an option. Having a CDL shows capability in vehicle handling. Customer service experience in industries like hospitality also translates well. A proactive, problem-solving mentality is key. Willingness to work odd hours also helps.

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