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Candidate Services

We support you throughout every step of your job search to give you the best opportunity for success!

Offer Negotiations

Our support does not stop when you are offered a role. We handle the full offer negotiations on your behalf to help you meet your compensation requirements.

Vacancy Briefings

You will be given a full briefing of the vacancy explaining the scope of the role, company culture and background to best match your previous experience.

Career Advice

Our Alchemists have extensive experience in global talent acquisition and can advise you on future career paths and how best to achieve your occupational goals.

Interview Advice

We guide you through the interview process, providing tips and techniques to help you perform at your best.

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CV Advice

We know what employers are looking for in a CV or resume and recommend areas and key content to help maximise your opportunity to achieve an interview.​​

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Transforming your career requires Alchemy

Finding great roles for great talent

We provide all candidates with support, guidance and advice.

Many of the job opportunities we have are exclusive to us. Our clients don't work with other talent partners, so you won't find these roles anywhere else.

We understand that we need to build great relationships with our candidates. We utilise the latest video call technology so candidates can put a face to a name.

We enable you to take the next step in your career and move closer to your ultimate career goal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of pursuing a career in global mobility?

There are many benefits to pursuing a career in global mobility. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the ability to live and work in different countries. This can provide a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction, as well as a unique perspective on the world. In addition, careers in global mobility can be very financially rewarding. Professionals in this field often earn high salaries and enjoy excellent job security. Additionally, many companies offer generous relocation packages to their employees, which can further increase earnings.

What are the growth prospects for global mobility jobs?

The growth prospects are very good. The global economy is expected to continue to grow, and with it the demand for mobile workers is expected to increase. The number of people employed in global mobility jobs is expected to grow by about 1.5% per year over the next decade. There are a number of factors that will contribute to the growth of global mobility jobs. First, the global economy is expected to continue to grow.

What are the training and development opportunities for global mobility jobs?

The training and development opportunities for global mobility jobs vary depending on the employer and the specific position, but may include certification programs, online courses, and on-the-job training.

Global Mobility

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are shipping jobs located?

Jobs in this industry are located in a variety of places. Some are located in ports, where ships come in to load and unload cargo. Others are located in warehouses, where goods are stored before they are shipped. Still others are located in distribution centers, where goods are sorted and organized before they are sent to their final destination.

How big is the maritime and shipping industry?

The maritime industry supports more than 10 million jobs worldwide and is responsible for the movement of $4 trillion in global trade each year.

How many jobs are there available on the website?

This depends on the time of year, however, simply view selected job postings below or use the job search.


Fine Art & Gallery


Accounting & Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are most logistics jobs located?

Some of the most common places include: transportation and warehousing companies, logistics service providers, manufacturing and retail companies. Most logistics jobs are typically located in larger cities, as these are the places where there is the most demand for goods and services.

How big is the logistics industry?

The logistics industry is worth over $1 trillion per year and is expected to create over 1.5 million new jobs by 2025.

How many jobs are there available on the website?

Simply view the job postings below, use the job search or contact one of our recruitment consultants.


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We get results

Our innovative style and results-driven approach ensures success for our candidates and clients. We are proud of our achievements and we are committed to excellence.


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Interview Tips

Check out our top tips for interview success

CV Advice

Make a CV that stands out from the crowd

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