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Advice on Writing a CV

We all know job hunting is stressful, so let’s make sure your CV is one an Employer will be interested in.


One of the first things to ask yourself is ‘what direction am I heading in'?
What companies and industries do I want to work for?
Knowing this will bring more clarity to your CV, and therefore help you obtain better quality interviews.


Employers want to see the strengths and highlights of your career. So, if you have them, don’t shy away from clearly including these.
Did you hit those sales targets? Have added value to a previous company? Fantastic customer service examples? Emphasize this and tell the facts that make that point.

Key Words

Make sure you include keywords in your CV. Not only is this a great way to ensure your experience in that skill doesn't get overlooked!
When using a job board, keywords will also help ensure you are getting made aware of positions most appropriate to your industry sector or background.

Top Tips

  • Be Concise – give an overview that will make the reader want to find out more!
  • Stay Relevant – keep it in tune with the role and industry you are applying for.
  • Sell Yourself – focus on key areas of experience, achievements, skills.
  • Use Bullet points – this keeps it easy to read, neat, and highlights important info.
  • LinkedIn – make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your CV.
  • Hobbies – aren’t always necessary unless they can back up your skills. Don’t add value? Just leave them out.
CV Advice