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Partnering with Alchemy ensures that you secure the best talent


We offer contingent and sole agency partnerships because we are confident in our ability to find you the talent you need


Use our retained services and receive a trusted, tailored and unique approach to filling your bespoke hiring requirements


Our extensive knowledge, experience and active market data allows us to present salary benchmarking guidance

Long Term Partners

With Alchemy you will always receive an unparalleled level of service

The service we provide is quality, efficient, personalised and tailored to each individual and company. Our long-standing record of success reflects our expert knowledge in the markets we support and our clients have confidence in investing in us.

Operating globally, we work with blue-chip companies, SMEs and everything in-between. We service the full vacancy spectrum placing permanent and fixed-contract talent in roles through to top Executive level.

Our global networks, presence and recognition are a testament to the dedication and success of our Alchemists.

Alchemy's client service is unparalleled

We Get Results

Our innovative style and results-driven approach ensures success for our candidates and clients. We are proud of our achievements and we are committed to excellence.

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We have over 25 years of global experience


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Alchemy has gained the reputation as being the go-to talent partner in Manufacturing, Aerospace and the following industry sectors

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Find out more about how Alchemy can help you achieve your unique recruitment objectives. Hiring talent and finding a new career opportunity is easy with us.

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