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Move Coordinator jobs

​Throughout the Domestic Removal process, the Move Coordinator or Removals Coordinator, is of great importance, handling the operation from the beginning to the end. They are responsible for updating files, issuing quotations and resolving any customer problems or complaints associated with removals.


Working as in removals job as a Move Coordinator can be a very rewarding experience, as the job varies from liaising with clients and colleagues to the completion of any necessary paperwork. The Move Coordinator is a valued member of the removal team and they hold the main responsibility when working with clients, ensuring the move takes place at the most convenient time.



What does a Move Coordinator or Removals job description include?

  • A Move Coordinator or Removals job involves the completion of all tasks set by management, but their main tasks involve liaising with clients and updating and maintaining any paperwork regarding the removals job.
  • A Move Coordinator must calmly and efficiently communicate with current and prospective clients, providing any required information and maintaining correspondence throughout the removal process.
  • The Move Coordinator handles a lot of documentation, and must process quotations, accurately entering any new data into the company’s IT system, obtaining and completing any Insurance proposal forms and assisting the client with the successful completion and handing over of any claims documents.
  • Working in a Removals job role also means that you must also closely work with the UK Resource department to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • The Move Coordinator must learn all policies and legislation of the Company and abide by them.

Key skills and qualifications of a Move or Removals Coordinator:

  • You must be educated to degree level and you may also be required to hold relevant qualifications associated with Move Coordination.
  • A Move Coordinator must have a strong attention to detail as all client files and computer systems require detailed instructions and regular updates before, during and after the removals job.
  • A Move Coordinator must have high levels of communication skills as they must regularly stay in contact with the client to meet all of their requirements and keep them up to date about the removal process. In the absence of the sales team, they must also assume that role.
  • A Move Coordinator must also be extremely organised as the job revolves around the completion of documentation in an organised system able to be viewed and easily understood by other departments.
  • Working with Removals means that you must also be able to keep to time and cost constraints even when under pressure.
  • You must be proficient in Microsoft Office and any other standard industry software.

How to find more Removals Coordinator jobs within the HR Global Mobility & Relocation Industry:

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