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Global Mobility Counsellor Jobs

Global Mobility Counsellor FAQS

What does a global mobility counsellor do?

A global mobility counsellor advises companies and employees on legal, tax, immigration, compensation, and relocation issues related to international work assignments. They manage global relocations end-to-end and ensure compliance with corporate policies and local laws.

What skills and qualifications are required for this role?

Expert knowledge of immigration laws, tax codes, and compliance regulations is essential. Strong research, communication, organization and analytical thinking skills are key. Relevant degree and 5+ years experience in HR, law or global mobility preferred. Fluency in multiple languages is valued.

What types of companies hire global mobility counsellors?

Large multinational corporations with frequent international transfers have in-house global mobility teams. Law firms, accounting firms, HR consultancies and relocation management companies also employ counsellors to serve client assignments.

What are the day-to-day responsibilities?

Counsellors advise on immigration visas, coordinate household goods shipments, research tax implications, recommend compensation packages, arrange temporary housing, provide destination services, manage supplier contracts, and address any issues that arise during an international assignment.

What is the career path for global mobility counsellors?

With 5+ years experience, counsellors can progress to senior consultant or global mobility manager roles leading a team. Some move into broader HR, legal or compliance functions. Senior counsellors may become partners at consultancies or start their own firm.

What is the work-life balance like?

Work hours can be long and irregular during peak assignment seasons. Travel to destinations may be required to help expats settle in. While demanding, most organizations aim to promote healthy work-life balance for counsellors and assign reasonable caseloads.

What is the average salary for global mobility counsellors?

The average salary ranges from £40,000 to £100,000 annually, based on location and experience level. Senior counsellors and managers at large firms can earn £125,000 or more. Bonuses are common and full benefits offered.

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