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Estimator jobs

​The Estimator in the Domestic Removals process primarily estimates any pricing relating to the move, but they also advise clients and the management on how to make the move more cost efficient, whilst also developing efficient pricing systems.


The Estimator is a key role within the Domestic Removals industry, not only in the Estimator in charge of cost calculations, but they also perform any necessary surveys and evaluations. All of these surveys must be done with impeccable accuracy and submitted to the client and other relevant departments within the company. 

What does an Estimator’s job description include?

  • An Estimator must conduct in home surveys and evaluations necessary, and provide all findings in detailed and accurate reports.
  • In an Estimator job role you must provide any information relating to the move in report form, including survey reports detailing cubic/volume, to relevant departments.
  • You must provide a total break down of all costs relating to the move so that other staff can assemble sales quotes.
  • The Estimator must regularly liaise with operations and sales departments.
  • As an Estimator, you must also promote additional services such as storage, planning and cleaning.

Key skills and qualifications of an Estimator:

  • You may be required to hold qualifications relevant to Estimation.
  • The Estimator must be knowledgeable in all aspects of the moving process and have suitable experience within the Domestic Removals industry.
  • An Estimator must also have strong communication skills, as they will be required to regularly liaise with both customers and colleagues.
  • An Estimator must have a great attention to detail and the ability to provide accurate surveys and any estimates with great precision.
  • You must also be proficient in Microsoft Office and any other relevant industry software.

How to find more Estimator jobs within the HR Global Mobility & Relocation Industry:

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