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Maritime Supply Manager jobs

The job of a Maritime Supply Manager offers great career opportunities for anyone wishing to become involved in identifying, acquiring and managing products that are needed to successfully run a business.

A Maritime Supply Manager is a position which lends itself to someone who is extremely well organised and enjoys working in a fast moving and busy environment. Depending upon the size of organisation you are employed by could mean that you are handling budgets that are in the billions with a workforce in the thousands. The Maritime Supply Manager is a very important role within any company and has the responsibility of controlling costs, ensuring the company is supplied with goods and services effectively and efficiently and contributes to strategic business decisions.

What does a Maritime Supply Manager job description include?

  • As a Maritime Supply Manager you will be held responsible for ensuring the supply of goods and services to the organisation are procured at the best possible price and are inline with the quality and standard required by the organisation to do business.
  • The Supply Manager usually manages a team of people who report directly to him/her therefore the responsible for the management and development of personnel could be part of the role.
  • If managing a team, you will continually look at the performance of the team as a whole and identify any competency gaps that could be detrimental to the company.
  • You will be responsible for the management of a significant budget and you will therefore be required to report directly to a Finance Director or Chief Finance Officer. You will also be involved in setting annual targets.
  • Weekly or monthly reports will be required for the senior management team detailing the supply of goods and also clearly identifying budgetary target performance. As a Supply Manager you will be expected to improve on targets in a positive way and to manage your team effectively so that their individual performance contributes to the success of the business.
  • It is the responsibility of the Maritime Supply Manager to establish and maintain an efficient supply chain, which involves negotiating contracts and maintaining relationships with suppliers. The success of the Maritime Supply Manager is based on the amount of money he/she can save the organisation.
  • You will be involved in contributing to discussions at a senior level regarding the strategic direction of the company. You will also be required to continually review the supply chain of the company inline with company strategy and budgetary requirements.

Key skills and qualifications of a Maritime Supply Manager:

  • You must be educated to degree level and hold relevant qualifications such as membership of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS).
  • To fulfil the post of Maritime Supply Manager you must have significant experience and be able to demonstrate at minimum of 10 years’ experience with the contracting/procurement business, ideally within a marine environment.
  • Depending upon the employer, you maybe required to have had specific global experience, ie Middle East experience.
  • A Supply Manager needs to fully understanding basic accountancy and must be able to devise and manage budgets. You must also be able to interpret and present figures in a reporting format, which can be fully understood by others.
  • Strong negotiating and people skills are very important and are key to successfully maintaining a supply chain within an organisation.
  • Leadership and problem solving skills are also a key requirement for a Maritime Supply Manager so it is important to be able to demonstrate your ability to provide effective solutions that can be followed by others under your leadership.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal are vital. A foreign language, although not essential may be an advantage depending upon the employer.
  • You must be familiar with standard computer software ie Microsoft Office and you may also be required to be skilled in industry software specific to supply management.

How to find more Supply Management jobs within the Maritime Industry:

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