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Maritime Technical Superintendent jobs

​Working as a Ship Technical Superintendent within the Maritime industries provides an excellent career path. The principal job of a Ship Technical Superintendent is daily monitoring of vessel movements and ships performance from a mechanical & technical aspect.

There are opportunities to travel the world in this role in the role of Ship Technical Superintendent. You would be responsible for the supervision of operations, including the monitoring of the vessel’s condition and ship’s staff compliance with management policies and safety.

What does the job description include?

  • As a Ship’s Technical Superintendent, you would be required to monitor the vessel movements daily.
  • In this job you may be required to supervise operations and monitor vessel condition and ship’s staff compliance with management policies, international, state or local Maritime regulations.
  • The Ship Technical Superintendent is responsible for all technical and operational related issues, including correspondence. You will be directly responsible for ensuring all procedures are adhered to and comply with International safety management (ISM), classification society rules, and Maritime insurance.
  • As Ship Technical Superintendent you will supervise vessels from an engineering aspect but you will be mainly office based.
  • The Ship Technical Superintendent’s job will be to liaise directly with the vessel owner, respond to any charter or technical and operational questions.
  • The management and hire of ship’s staff may also be part of the Ship’s Technical Superintendent’s role.
  • The role also includes the briefing and debriefing and appraisal of Masters, Chief Engineers and other senior officers.
  • The Ship Technical Superintendent works closely with the Operations Superintendents and provide technical advice to the HSE and Operations Departments.
  • The Ship Technical Superintendent will be required to devise, agree and monitor budgets. 
  • You may also be required to review SIRE or other inspection observations and deficiencies and work with the vessel and Operations Department to track them through to close out.

Key skills and qualifications of a Maritime – Ship Technical Superintendent

  • To be successfully employed as a Ship Technical Superintendent within Maritime, you would be required to have been educated to a high standard, preferably holding a related degree or internationally recognised shipping qualification.
  • Previous experience in this role would be required, or the applicant would need to demonstrate their ability to do the job of Ship Technical Superintendent. Ideally applicants will have previously sailed at sea as a chief engineer or a 2nd engineer.
  • The role of Ship Technical Superintendent carries a lot of responsibility and so the ideal candidate would be someone who can handle difficult and sometimes stressful situations, along with the ability to negotiate and make both executive and technical decisions.
  • You must understand basic accounting and be capable of devising and managing budgets.
  • A Ship Technical Superintendent needs to be a clear communicator, both verbally and in written format.
  • As a Ship Technical Superintendent you must be able to carry out risk assessments and accident investigations and prepare associated reports concisely.
  • Previous people management skills, including staff reviews and monitoring of KPI’s is required.
  • A Ship Technical Superintendent must be able to operate Microsoft Windows, Excel etc.

How to find more Ship Technical Superintendent jobs within the Maritime Industry:

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