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Pricing Analyst jobs

A Pricing Analyst works with service contracts, rate requests, tenders and tariff implementation. This role is highly commercial and is generally considered to be a graduate career. 

A Pricing Analyst job description will vary from employer to employer. Generally, though, companies will look for candidates with a specific set of skills and experience. This role can be very rewarding and is an excellent starting point for a career within Shipping and Logistics.

What does a Price Analyst job description include?

  • As a Pricing Analyst, you will need the ability to carry out presentations, work with spreadsheets and run or participate in meetings.
  • A Pricing Analyst also needs to be able to strategically plan and participate in service contract negotiations.
  • A Pricing Analyst will negotiate service contract freight rates and terms and conditions. They also need to respond to spot shipment rate requests and implement tariffs.
  • Pricing Analysts must participate in and prepare for strategy meetings.
  • This role requires the post holder to regularly report on trade either weekly or monthly. The scrutiny of tender documents and keeping up to date with what’s going on in the markets is essential.

Key skills and qualifications of a Pricing Analyst:

  • A degree, especially shipping related, is seen as an advantage by employers, but not always essential.
  • Ideally, a Pricing Analyst will need a good knowledge of the shipping industry in order to do their job. They will need a good grasp of the terminology and concepts of related equipment and logistics.
  • Having commercial and economic awareness, including an awareness of global economic factors that can influence the shipping industry, is important.
  • The role of Pricing Analyst requires good reporting and analytical skills, including carrying out weekly and monthly reporting on trade.
  • A Price Analyst needs to be able to scrutinize tender documents and be aware of changes in the market as well as complete and analyse tender documents.
  • A Price Analyst needs to be able to cope with working across a range of areas in a busy, commercial environment.
  • Must be competent in software programs such as Mircrosoft Office, Excel, etc.

How to find more Price Analyst jobs within the Shipping and Logistics industry:

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