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Purchasing Manager jobs

A Purchasing Manager job is a very important role within the organisation as its primary function is to take responsibility for the buying or approving of acquisition of goods and services required by the company. This job can sometimes also be referred to as Procurement Management.


If you want to develop a career within purchasing or procurement, then the position of a Purchasing Manager within an organisation can often lead the way to very senior management roles. This position will usually include managing people, liaising with external suppliers and working closely with other managers within the organisation with respect to budget planning and achieving the organisation’s objectives.

What does a Purchasing Manager job description include?

  • The primary role of the Purchasing Manager is to establish a procurement chain that will ensure all goods and services are obtained at the required value and benefits the business from external expenditure.
  • You may also be responsible for a team of purchasing clerks who will work under your direct guidance and direction.
  • The Purchasing Manager usually works very closely with other senior members of the management team to ensure the company’s strategic and financial targets are met.
  • You will be responsible for the sourcing and negotiation of all contracts with external suppliers.
  • Purchasing Management also involves forecasting accurately the company’s purchasing requirements, which means being aware of the cost of raw materials on world markets and the ability to predict the best time to buy to avoid potentially costly rises.

Key skills and qualifications of an Purchasing Manager:

  • A Purchasing Manager is usually required to be educated to degree level and may also be required to hold industry specific qualifications.
  • Depending upon the Purchasing Manager job on offer, you may be required to have had significant previous experience within Purchasing Management.
  • To build a successful career in Purchasing Management, you need to be a good communicator at all levels. Being able to express yourself well both verbally and in writing are important skills, especially where managing people is part of the job requirement.
  • Often, this role requires some travel and so you must hold a valid and clean driver’s licence and be prepared to travel as and when required, which could include international travel.
  • A proven track record in costs and operational management of transportation is also a key requirement in Purchasing Management.
  • This role requires someone who is highly aware of external influences on world markets and has the ability to be able to follow and predict trends.
  • You must be fully compliant in Microsoft Word and any other industry standard software programs.

How to find more Purchasing Manager jobs within the Operations/Technical and Ship Management Industry:

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