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School Search Consultant jobs

The School Search Consultant is a valued member of the Relocation Support industry, working closely with Home Search Consultants to find areas of residence most suited to families, and any individual requirements.

The role of School Search Consultant provides a solid grounding in Relocations Consultancy with the opportunity to progress further within the industry. The School Search Consultant works closely with the client to source the locations of desirable schools and evaluate places available. The School Search Consultant has a thorough knowledge of national and international school systems and can explain the differences for clients, arranging state, private or special needs education as required by the client.

What does a School Search Consultant job description include?

  • The School Search Consultant provides families with any requested information, necessary to make an informed choice about specific schools.
  • The School Search Consultant must advise clients on the best available schools to suit the client’s needs, including the option of state or private education and the arrangement of any special needs support.
  • You must tailor the service to match the needs of the child.
  • A School Search Consultant works in close partnership with the Home Search Consultant to ensure that the residence and education requirements of the client are matched as closely as possible.
  • The School Search Consultant must arrange any appointments to visit the schools and, should the client wish, to accompany them on the visit.
  • You must also monitor the progress of the child every sixth months following the move to ensure appropriate education is being received.

Key skills and qualifications of an School Search Consultant:

  • You must ideally be educated to degree level and may also be required to hold any qualifications associated with School Search Consultancy.
  • The School Search Consultant must be an effective communicator as the job primarily focuses on liaison with the client, schools and the Home Search Consultant.
  • You must have had prior experience in education or relocation support and customer service experience.
  • The School Search Consultant must also be efficient and organised, able to problem solve quickly and keep the education search process running smoothly. You may also be required to be bi-lingual depending upon the job on offer.
  • You must be proficient in Microsoft Office and any other software relevant for School Search Consultancy.

How to find more School Search Consultant jobs within the Relocations Industry:

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