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Ship Broker jobs

Working as a Ship Broker means that you will be involved in a financial service as part of the global shipping industry. The main purpose of a Ship Broker is to act as specialist intermediaries/negotiators between ship owners and charters to arrange ocean transport of goods and commodities by sea, the employment of a vessel or to buy/sell ships on behalf of his client.

A career in Ship Brokerage is very interesting and highly competitive. This job demands someone who is focused and able to closely monitor the market as increasingly, Ship Brokers are also providing their clients with market intelligence and advice.

What does a Ship Broker Job description include?

  • As a Ship Broker, you may cover many disciplines, such as sale and purchase, dry cargo brokering, tanker brokering or container brokering. However, it is more commonplace for Ship Brokers to specialise in one particular area.
  • Typical responsibilities of a Ship Broker would involve marketing of tonnage (ships) to customers/shippers/charterers. Negotiate spot/time charters to achieve maximum income for the owners.
  • You would maintain records or tonnage within the company’s database.
  • A Ship Broker is involved in many stages of setting up and negotiating deals, including presenting the business to potential clients, negotiating the main terms of a contract or sale and seeing it through to its conclusion and any follow up that may be involved.
  • Like any role that involves buying and selling, a good Ship Broker would build up a database of contacts and keep a close eye on the shipping market, interpreting trends and seeing opportunities for clients.

Key skills and qualifications of Ship Broker

  • The ideal candidate would hold a commercial degree or similar commercial qualification.
  • Client management/relationship building skills.
  • Experience with clean/dirty/products/oil.
  • Previous experience in this role may not be required depending upon previous work experience.
  • Having an entrepreneurial nature would be highly desirable along with a strong personal drive to succeed.
  • Ability to negotiate is vital as this is a principle skill requirement in Ship Brokering.
  • Good understanding of accounting and numeracy skills are essential to this job.
  • Excellent presentation skills will be required.
  • A Ship Broker must be able to communicate well both verbally as well as in a written format.
  • Ability to use Microsoft office, ie Word, Excel.

How to find more Ship Brokering jobs within the Maritime Industry:

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