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Shipping Clerk jobs

Working for a fine arts shipping company as a shipping clerk offers many career opportunities. Specialising in this fascinating area of international shipping can be extremely rewarding as well as providing perfect career development opportunities.


As a Shipping Clerk working for a specialist fine art shipping company, you will be involved in both import and export of artefacts, fine art & antiques. Customers range from owners of private art and furniture collections to international art galleries and museums.

What does a Fine Art Shipping Clerk job description include?

  • Your main duties as a Fine Art Shipping Clerk will be involved with managing all aspects of the shipping of fine art from one destination to another.
  • You will arrange customer collections, which may also include the arranging of specialist packing services.
  • Your customers may be international or UK based.
  • A Fine Art Shipping Clerk will prepare and process all import and export documentation and the booking of the chosen method of transportation.
  • You will be responsible for all aspects of bonded customs procedures and controls.
  • The Fine Art Shipping Clerk is expected to organise secure storage on behalf of customers.
  • If you are dealing with imports you will be expected to gain customs clearance and advise the customer of any required payments due.
  • The Fine Art Shipping Clerk is responsible for organising the safe delivery of cargo once it has passed through customs to its destination point.

Key skills and qualifications of a Fine Art Shipping Clerk:

  • To work within the Fine Art Shipping Industry you usually need to be well educated with a recognised educational certificate and in some cases a degree may be required.
  • Depending upon the job available, you may be required to have fine art shipping experience.
  • You be successful as a Fine Art Shipping Clerk you must have excellent attention to detail and be very organised.
  • As a Fine Art Shipping Clerk you need excellent written and verbal communication as well as sound numeracy skills.
  • You will be required to work with many other people/organisations and so a polite and friendly manner is important.
  • You must have keyboard skills and be able to operate the Microsoft Office suite.

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