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Shipping Transportation Manager jobs

​A Shipping or Transportation Manager job as it is sometimes known, requires someone who is articulate and has the ability to be a great organiser. The main role of the Shipping Manager is to ensure the timely delivery of products.

Working in Shipping Management provides a great career path and opens up opportunities within the shipping industry generally. This is the perfect role for someone who understands logistics and the importance of getting goods to the right destination, at the best price and on time. 

What does a Shipping or Transportation Manager job description include?

  • To run a shipping management operation you need to have a good level of knowledge of the transportation industry, which usually means you will be experienced and have worked with different shipping methods, ie land, air and sea freight.
  • As a Shipping Manger you will be in close contact with your clients and so good and clear communication is especially important.
  • You will be required to advise on the best and most economical mode of transporting products, given the delivery dates required and the budget available.
  • The Shipping Manager is responsible for the despatch and tracking of all goods, ensuring that proper and suitable packaging and containers are employed to make sure goods do not arrive damaged.
  • The Transportation Manager is also responsible for dealing with any claims where problems may have arisen and where negotiation is needed to ensure proper compensation is provided to the customer.
  • You will be expected to source new suppliers and maintain good relationships with existing suppliers ensuring you get the best rates on behalf of your customers and your employer.
  • The Shipping and Transport Manger is responsible for negotiating rates with customers ensuring a good return for the company inline with budget requirements.
  • You will be required to manage all aspects of the shipping department including staff.

Key skills and qualifications of a Shipping & Transportation Manager:

  • A degree level of education may be required but in the event that you can demonstrate excellent knowledge of the transportation industry and have extensive previous experience may be acceptable.
  • You will be a good communicator with excellent communication skills. A Shipping and Transportation Manager is expected to be able to maintain relationships at all levels.
  • You will be able to demonstrate an extensive understanding of logistics and understand the need to deliver goods on time.
  • Good people management skills are required as you will be managing a team of people including warehouse and possibly delivery staff.
  • A Shipping and Transportation Manager must have a sound understanding of Customs documentation.
  • You must be familiar with Microsoft Office suite and you may also be required to be familiar with other industry software related to your job.

How to find more Shipping & Transportation Manager jobs within the Trading and Manufacturing Industry:

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