What is an Employer of Record?
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What is an Employer of Record?

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​The best prospects aren't always in the best places.

Attracting the right talent can be as simple as offering the correct packages to encourage the “work from anywhere” culture.

Many global corporations want to be ahead of the competition in terms of providing solid career possibilities and job rewards in this new era of work anywhere and/or remotely. Employers are concerned about staying ahead of the curve and creating packages that not only meet but also surpass candidate expectations. To attract and retain the top people, numerous industrial sectors are offering remote work from anywhere packages to suit candidates' need for a different working environment while also allowing hiring companies to pick from a growing pool of brilliant and nomadic thinking candidates.

EOR (Employer of Record) firms may have the solution.

The EOR businesses enter the picture at this point. Staying ahead of the curve necessitates partnering with a quick and nimble EOR partner who, in some countries, may have a new employee signed up and ready to work legally within 12 to 24 hours. Even if you don't have a legal entity or any other employees in that country.

EOR partners are combining a company's worldwide infrastructure, HR, and, most importantly, compliance into a single process with a monthly cost. This sounds like a great solution but, is it legal, and how does it affect compliance and payroll?

What about Payroll and Compliance?

It is critical that all personnel be employed in the nations in which they will operate, and that they are legal and comply with all of that country's processes and procedures. The EOR partners have you covered on this front. They can offload the burden of HR, regulatory, tax, and finance compliance to the EOR itself by working within the legal framework of each country / location. Allowing your business to grow swiftly while maintaining full compliance.

Consider the advantages

Consider this for a moment: access to new and developing markets without the need to establish costly international operations. Multiple worldwide locations provide additional revenue streams with no additional overhead expenditures other than compliance payroll and benefit programmes in-country.

The quicker you react to the market, the greater your effect and thus your profits and EBITDA.

EORs and where to look for them

We can connect you with our partners and begin the process of assisting you in reviewing your plans for further worldwide expansion through Alchemy Global Expansion (an Alchemy GTS Brand). Our partners make the process seamless and easy to review local employment contracts and offers within each country with their IT platforms and systems in place, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether the platform and cost base are right for you to invest in future expansion in new locations. Make contact with Alchemy today so we can assist you in taking the first steps — EOR@alchemygts.com