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Freight Sales jobs

Freight Sales Job Description

Working in Freight Sales generally means you will be responsible for prospecting, developing, and closing new business opportunities within the freight and logistics industry. The primary focus is to drive revenue growth by promoting a comprehensive range of freight services and building long-term relationships with clients.


1.    Prospect and produce leads through a variety of marketing channels, including cold calling, internet, email, networking events and industry recommendations.
2.    Conduct extensive market research on a regular basis to find potential consumers and learn about their specialised freight needs.
3.    Build and maintain a robust sales pipeline, tracking all sales activities and opportunities in CRM software.
4.    Collaborate with internal teams plus any other interested stakeholders to create competitive sales quotations and personalised solutions that fit the needs of the client.
5.    Present and showcase the company's offering to prospective clients, emphasising the value and advantages of working with us.
6.    Negotiate contracts and terms of agreements with customers, ensuring profitable and mutually beneficial partnerships.
7.    Regularly follow up with existing clients to foster customer loyalty and identify upselling opportunities.
8.    Stay updated on industry trends, market conditions, and competitors to effectively position our services and differentiate from the competition.
9.    Achieve and exceed monthly and quarterly sales targets, consistently delivering strong results.
10.    Collaborate with the operations team to ensure seamless execution of customer shipments and resolve any service-related issues.


1.    Proven track record of success in freight sales or a related field such as transportation or logistics. Experience in any other sales environment is useful but not essential. 
2.    Strong understanding of the freight forwarding and logistics industry, including knowledge of transportation modes, customs regulations, and international trade.
3.    Excellent interpersonal and communication skills is often considered desirable given the demands of the job, with the ability to build long-term relationships with clients and negotiate effectively.
4.    A self-motivated and driven personality helps, with a strong desire to sell, build rapport with clients and meet targets.
5.    Exceptional problem-solving and decision-making abilities, with a focus on providing effective solutions to customer challenges.
6.    Capable of managing leads and tracking progress using the organisation's dedicated CRM software and other sales tools.
7.    The ability to work both individually and as part of a team is important in these roles while maintaining a high level of professionalism and honesty.
8.    Alongside video or online conferencing, It is part of the job to travel to meet clients and network at industry events as required.
9.    A degree in a related industry such as business, freight forwarding, logistics is usually preferred although not always essential. Lesser related qualifications are usually considered.