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Freight Specialist Jobs

Freight Specialist Jobs FAQs

1. What does a freight specialist do?

A freight specialist arranges and tracks shipping of products domestically or internationally via air, rail, ship, or truck. Their role includes procuring cost-efficient transport, preparing documentation, coordinating pickup and delivery, managing claims, and solving any shipping issues for timely freight delivery.

2. What skills and qualifications do freight specialists need?

Strong communication, analytical, multitasking and computer abilities are essential. Familiarity with transportation regulations, logistics processes, supply chain basics and tools like TMS software is required. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in logistics, supply chain or business is preferred by many employers. Experience in an operations or coordinating role is a plus.

3. What is the typical work environment for a freight specialist?

Most freight specialists work full-time in office settings focused on managing shipments virtually or over the phone. Those working for trucking companies or warehouses may split time between office administrative duties and loading docks to inspect cargo. The role can be fast paced and detail oriented, more so when tracking international shipments across time zones.

4. What are some common entry level jobs in this career field?

Many start out in clerical roles as freight brokers, dispatchers or operations assistants to learn the ropes before specializing. Working as a biller, freight forwarder, customs clerk or slight agent are also good stepping stones to build experience. Junior analyst or coordinator roles focused on shipping allow direct hands-on training.

5. What is the job outlook and salary range for freight specialists?

With supply chains getting more complex, demand for coordinating skills is growing. Salaries range between £35,000 to £45,000 for those starting out as specialists or analysts. With proven experience managing global logistics, senior freight managers at large retailers can earn £50,000 and beyond. The highest salaries go to experts in niche areas like cold chain shipping.

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