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Commercial Moving Solutions Expert

Job Details

  • Posted:15th April, 2024
  • Sector:Moving Services
  • Location:Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
  • Job Ref:17401
  • Salary:Base + commission

Alchemy is helping a moving professional find a Commercial Moving Solutions Expert in Charlotte, NC.

The Commercial Moving Solutions Expert is in charge of locating and generating new business opportunities for the company. They work together with the marketing and sales teams to create and carry out strategies that will boost the company's customer base and revenue.

Responsibilities include:

  • Strengthens market position through the identification, development, definition, and completion of O&I moving business alliances.
  • Discover ideas for trends by following the industry's movements and pertinent announcements, publications, and events.
  • Monitor each contributor's accomplishments. 
  • Look for potential business partners to approach or offer deals to. 
  • Identify and look for potential business deals. 
  • Examine financials, transaction criteria, and market strategies to screen potential business deals. 
  • Evaluate and establish internal priorities. 
  • Investigate the best way to incorporate a new project into the organization's operations and strategies to develop bargaining positions and strategies. 
  • Analyse the possibilities and risks of commercial business opportunities. 
  • Determines the goals and requirements for migrating partners. 
  • Develop and negotiate contracts, synchronise requirements to finalise new business deals, and integrate contract demands with company processes.
  • Preserve the value of the organisation by maintaining information privacy.
  • Improve the organization's standing by taking responsibility for fulfilling novel and unique requests.
  • Attend moving events for networking.


  • It is necessary to have prior moving and relocation experience, preferably with commercial moves.
  • Exceptional communication skills both in writing and speaking. 
  • Excellent communication and customer service abilities.
  • Outstanding abilities in sales and customer support.
  • Organisational abilities and attention to detail.
  • A track record of meeting deadlines and strong time management abilities.
  • Strong ability to analyse and solve problems.
  • The capacity to assign work appropriately and prioritise.
  • The capacity to work effectively in a fast-paced, occasionally stressful workplace.
  • Competent with linked software like the Microsoft Office Suite.

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