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Distribution Manager jobs

Distribution management or as it is sometimes called, logistics, is a really interesting area of the International and Domestic Courier Industry in which to work. Working as a Distribution Manager involves the organisation, storage and distribution of goods.


This position offers a great opportunity to work your way up to senior management within the International and Domestic Courier industry. A Distribution or Logistics Manager needs to have an understanding of the whole supply chain so that they can co-ordinate and liaise with suppliers, retailer and consumers effectively.

What does a Distribution Manager job description include?

  • As a Distribution Manager you will be responsible for the storage and distribution of goods on behalf of your organisation or you may be working on behalf of many different customers in a fulfilment capacity.
  • The Distribution Manager will be involved in the transportation, stock control, warehousing and monitoring of all goods in and out of the warehouse.
  • Most if not all modern warehouses are now managed with the use of computerised systems and so as the Distribution Manager you will be responsible for the management of software systems including the training of new personnel where required.
  • You will manage a team of staff and be responsible for their day-to-day management as well as all ongoing training and performance requirements and assessments.
  • As the Distribution Manager, you will be expected to contribute to the company’s budget planning and performance monitoring. You will also be expected to put forward ideas on how improved efficiency can be achieved and be aware of external influences that may require the company to respond to at all times.

Key skills and qualifications of a Distribution Manager:

  • You must have sound commercial understanding of the international and domestic courier industry and be able to understand and interpret basic management accounts.
  • Excellent analytical and numeric skills are essential as well as presentational skills.
  • You must be an excellent communicator and have experience of managing people.
  • Distribution Managers must be fully aware of external influences that could impact their work and so you must be interested in maintaining an interest in world affairs on a daily basis.
  • You must be fully familiar with industry standard software related to the Distribution and Logistics industry.

How to find more Distribution Manager jobs within the International & Domestic Courier Industry:

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