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Supply Chain Distribution Manager jobs

​A Distribution Manager is a key role within an organisation as this role primarily deals with the storage and distribution of goods. This is a demanding role, requiring applicants to be up-to-date with complex IT and telecommunications systems.

Working in Distribution Management can be very challenging, but equally rewarding. As a Distribution Manager you would be planning and managing the movement of goods in a supply chain. Depending upon the organisation you are working for, this could involve liaising with suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

What does a Distribution Manager job description include?

  • The day-to-day duties of a Distribution Manager will vary depending upon whether you are employed by a manufacturer, retailer or third party logistics or 3PL.
  • All Distribution Managers are required to have an awareness and strategic understanding of external influences such as legislation, fuel costs and environmental pressures in order to do their job to a high and efficient standard.
  • As a Distribution Manager you would be responsible for the management of warehousing and logistics teams. You would also be responsible for the monitoring and management of stock levels, delivery times and transportation costs.
  • A key element of the Distribution Manager’s role is the coordination and control of the order cycle. You would also be expected to monitor quality, quantity, cost and efficiency of the movement and storage of goods.
  • The Distribution Manager is usually client facing and therefore excellent customer service skills are needed as well as the ability to source suppliers and negotiate rates that are favourable and inline with the company’s budget and targets
  • As a key management team member, the Distribution Manager will also be required to implement the company’s strategic plan as well as contribute to and be involved in the evaluation and analysis of the business objectives.

Key skills and qualifications of a Distribution Manager:

  • To become employed as a Distribution Manager you will be required to hold a qualification in Administration or Management. Depending upon the seniority of the role, you may also be required to have several years experience within Distribution Management.
  • Excellent communication skills are required, including both verbal and written presentational skills as well as good leadership qualities.
  • A Distribution Manager must have excellent interpersonal skills and understand the importance of customer service.
  • Previous experience of managing people is also a skill which is highly desirable, including the ability to carry out personnel evaluations, set performance targets, engage new employees and identify and possibly deliver training.
  • Working within Distribution Management will involve the analysis of operational data and so good analytical and problem solving skills are essential.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft office and relevant industry standard software.

How to find more Distribution Manager jobs within the Supply Chain Industry:

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