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Global Compensation Manager jobs

​An accomplished and knowledgeable Global Compensation Manager will support the strategy and execution of compensation programmes on a global scale. Working closely with the Senior Reward Manager in order to define compensation approaches, devising market benchmarks for challenging and complex roles, and ensuring that new and existing salary ranges are up to date and appropriate will be one of your main responsibilities. As a Global Compensations Manager, you will provide area expertise regarding compensation processes, and will lead and develop compensation initiatives.

If excelling in this role, the Global Compensation Manager may have the opportunity to further progress into a Head of Compensation role. If the above sounds like a career path of interest, please view the full job description.

Global Compensation Manager Job Duties:

The role of a Global Compensation Manager supports the operational element of the Compensations process, reviewing annual bonuses and navigating the overall process in relation to compensation programmes. As well as this responsibility, you can expect your duties to include the following: 

  • Analyse compensation programmes to proactively review the programmes and look to implement changes or improvements where necessary. 
  • Assist in the review and redesign of the compensation programmes in place within the company and implement changes where they feel necessary.  
  • Devise and develop new KPI structures. 
  • As a Global Compensation Manager, you will be responsible for assisting with compensation benchmarking, through the participation in relevant surveying outputs and making area expertise recommendations. 
  • The design, development and implementation of engaging PowerPoint presentations, which will be used to educate, inform and influence teams in compensation decisions.  
  • Support, design and implement strategy design for compensation programmes.
  • Prepare and review business cases for requests for salary increase.  
  • Provide assistance for the development and devising of global, regional or local compensation standards. 
  • As a Global Compensation Manager, you will work with the Global Benefits team when assessing and comparing benefit provisions and programmes.
  • You will be required to perform other duties where necessary and be involved in other projects. 

Key skills and qualifications of a Global Compensation Manager:

The following skills will be beneficial to a candidate looking to apply for this role:

  • A Bachelor's degree is required, and a Masters/MBA is beneficial. 
  • Experience in Global Compensation / Reward in required for this role, ideally gained in both consulting and corporate environments. 
  • Experience working across several different geographies is essential. 
  • The ability to drive analysis with limited guidance is essential for this role. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential. 
  • Advanced skills in MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint and Word are required for this role. 
  • A self-motivated and creative problem-solving individual with the ability to take initiative and accept suggestions for improvement. 
  • The ability to develop approaches to tasks, create and implement process, and develop frameworks for organising work and evaluating ideas is essential. 
  • The ability to structure, plan and prioritise work and projects effectively is essential. 
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills are required for this role. 

Is a Global Compensation Manager job in your future?

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