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Human Resources Manager jobs

​Human Resources within an organisation is not only important for the company, but also for its employees. The HR Manager’s role is especially integral to the company as he/she is responsible for the management of the company’s employees to ensure the company is functioning competently and has the necessary skills to succeed as a business and that employees are legally compliant in all employee related issues.


The HR Manager will be involved in the personal development of all employees and work with them to ensuring training and professional development is achieved in support of both the employee, but also the company. There are many different level of HR management within an organisation, depending upon the size of the company. Human Resources provides many job opportunities and has many different skill requirements. Deciding upon a career within human resources will provide you with both a broad career path, but also job satisfaction.

What does a Human Resources Manager job description include?

  • A Human Resources Manager’s job description will principally include the requirement to work to develop and implement company policies ensuring compliance throughout the organisation.
  • The HR Manager needs to have a broad understanding of legal requirements that the company must adhere to in relation to employee and employer law.
  • The HR Manager will be very much involved in devising personal development training programmes for employees. The HR Manager will work with employees and their line managers to ensure business goals are achieved through training programmes.
  • Identifying skill gaps and recruitment needs within the organisation and managing the recruitment/interview process would be a key part of your job as a Human Resources Manager.
  • The HR Manager is involved in preparing budgets and putting forward suggestions/guidance for staff salaries and bonuses in line with government recommendations (minimum wage) and internal promotions.
  • Most Human Resources Manager’s job description will include drafting and issuing company communications to all staff is usually originated within Human Resources under the direction of senior managers.

Key skills and qualifications of a Human Resources Manager:

  • You will be required to hold a degree and also qualifications specific to human resources.
  • You will have had previous experience as a Human Resources Manger or possibly a Human Resources Generalist.
  • A Human Resources Manger needs to be an excellent communicator both written and verbally. You will be required to negotiate rates of pay as well as deal with employee interviews, participate in disciplinary procedures and employee counselling and so communication is key to this role.
  • You must be fully aware of employee law and be able to apply it to your daily work and implement within policy documents for the company.
  • As a Human Resources Manager you will be required to devise and implement HR strategy on behalf of the company and to present your ideas and suggestions in a clear and concise manner that can be understood by all employees.
  • You must be familiar with Microsoft Office and any other industry standard HR software.

How to find more HR Manager jobs within the HR Industry:

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