An Import Analyst working in Shipping and Logistics is a great opportunity to develop an Analyst career in an exciting environment. It’s also a route to enter the Shipping & Logistics industry which offers many different careers options.

As an Import Analyst, you will be principally employed to coordinate customer service and shipping & purchasing to deliver a range of services to assure the timely execution of import shipments.

What does an Import Analyst job description include?

  • As an Import Analyst, you will prepare various international shipping documents such as declaration documentation in accordance with a foreign country’s import/export laws, packing lists and shipping invoices.

  • You will collate figures and statistics, producing reports for management.

  • An Import Analyst has regular contact with Freight Forwarders, communicating cargo despatch information.

  • You will work closely with customers to ensure all deliveries are prepared in accordance with the customer’s requirements and all documentation is prepared correctly.

  • Analyst work can also involve providing strategic logistics advice internally to ensure the most cost effective modes of transport are being used to meet delivery deadlines.

  • You will also be required to resolve any issues, which could result in the shipments being delayed as well as manage both internal and external customers if delays do occur.

  • Customer service is a vital part of the Import Analyst’s role so as to maintain good relationships and to also help develop partnerships on behalf of the company.

  • You will be expected to maintain both administrative and accounting records on behalf of the company, which should be in accordance with company policy as well as observing import/export laws.

Key skills and qualifications of an Import Analyst:

  • Depending upon the employer, you may need to have had previous experience as an Import Analyst.

  • A degree is usually required and depending upon the employer, you may also be required to have knowledge of import/export regulations for specific countries.

  • As an Import Analyst you will be expected to have a clear understanding of commercial practices and understand basic accounting procedures.

  • Ideally, as an Import Analyst you will possess technical expertise in all aspects of import/export management, including: classification, licensing, route transactions, valuation, landed costs, country of origin and entry documents.

  • You will have strong interpersonal skills and be an excellent communicator in both written and verbal format.

  • Strong leadership and problem solving skills as well as being highly organised, a team player and a motivator are attributes a successful Import Analyst possesses.

  • Report writing skills

  • Strong numeracy skills

  • You will need to be familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

How to find more Import Anlayst jobs within the Shipping & Logistics Industry:

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