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Export Coordinator jobs

Export Coordinator Job Description

In general export coordinators play a crucial role in managing and coordinating the export process of a company's products. The primary responsibility is to ensure timely and efficient shipment of goods to international markets while complying with all relevant regulations and documentation requirements.

Key Responsibilities:

1.    Coordinate Export Operations: Facilitate the end-to-end export process, including order processing, documentation, shipping, and tracking. Collaborate with various internal departments, suppliers, freight forwarders, and customs agents to ensure smooth execution of export operations.
2.    Documentation and Compliance: Prepare and review export documents, such as business invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, and other essential paperwork. Ensure compliance with international trade regulations, customs requirements, and export control laws.
3.    Freight Management: Liaise with freight forwarders and carriers to schedule shipments, negotiate rates, and monitor transportation arrangements. Coordinate with warehouse personnel to ensure timely and accurate loading of export shipments.
4.    Customer Support: Serve as a point of contact for international customers, addressing inquiries, providing shipping updates, and resolving any issues related to export orders. Maintain strong relationships with clients, ensuring their satisfaction throughout the export process.
5.    Risk Assessment: Identify potential risks and challenges in the export process, such as customs delays, transportation issues, or regulatory changes. Create contingency plans and take proactive actions to reduce risks and assure on-time delivery.
6.    Compliance Monitoring: Stay updated with export regulations, trade agreements, and industry best practices. Changes in international trade policies should be monitored and communicated to internal stakeholders. Conduct periodic audits to ensure adherence to export compliance guidelines.
7.    Process Improvement: Evaluate and enhance export processes on a continuous basis, identifying potential for efficiency gains and cost reductions. Propose and implement innovative solutions to streamline export operations and enhance overall performance.

Qualifications and Skills:

•    A relevant qualification or degree in Supply Chain Management, International Business, or similar area is preferred.
•    Proven experience as an Export Coordinator or in a similar role within the logistics or international trade industry.
•    Strong understanding and knowledge of export regulations, customs procedures, and international shipping documentation.
•    Proficiency in using export software and computer systems, including ERP systems, MS Office, and shipment tracking tools.
•    Outstanding organisational and time management abilities, as well as the ability to manage many priorities and fulfil deadlines.
•    Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are necessary, as is the ability to work effectively with clients, customers, partners, cross-functional teams and external stakeholders.
•    An eye for detail and accuracy in documentation and data entry.
•    Problem-solving and analytical abilities, with a proactive and solutions-oriented mindset.
•    Familiarity with Incoterms, trade compliance programs, and export licensing is a plus.