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Metal Trader jobs

A Metal Trader job provides an opportunity to work in the world of commodities trading. We are specialists in providing jobs as a trader both in metal and other commodities. This exciting and fast moving environment provides many career opportunities for someone who has an analytical approach and is able to follow and react to the metals trade markets.

The job as a Metal Trader requires someone who enjoys a fast moving environment, is a team player, but can also work alone and make important decisions that can be the difference between profit and loss for their clients. Previous experience may be required, but depending upon the role being offered, a financial background and a thorough understanding of numbers may be sufficient to launch you as a Metals Trader.

What does a Metal Trader job description include?

  • As a Metal Trader working in the world of commodities trading, your daily tasks will include developing good working relationships with the clients that you will buy and sell on behalf of.
  • Your job may include the daily update of OTC prices to mark-to-market value of traders.
  • A Metal Trader, along with any other job as a trader, is required to study market reports.
  • A Metal Trader works closely with other brokers and market makers for paper transactions.
  • You will check and reconcile internal trade management systems and settle accounts, reconcile brokerage fees and process payments and weekly receipts.
  • A Metal Trader must also keep accurate records and issue invoices, debit and credit notes as and when required. 

Key skills and qualifications of a Metals Trader:

  • A Metals Trader is usually required to be educated to degree standard and depending upon the job being offered may also require industry specific qualification as specified by the employer.
  • You must have excellent numeracy skills as well excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • A Metals Trader needs to be able to work under pressure and to tight deadlines, whilst maintaining an analytical approach to their work and be able to make decisions based on both knowledge and logic.
  • You must be familiar with Microsoft Office software and you may also be required to be familiar with other software common to the industry.

How to find more Metal Trader jobs within the Trading and Manufacturing Industry:

To find more Metal Trader jobs or other jobs within this sector, or to place a vacancy, please contact us.​

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