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Tenancy Manager jobs

​The role of Tenancy Manager is important within the Relocation Support industry as this role involves dealing with the time consuming jobs of tradesmen, suppliers and leases on behalf of the client.


The Tenancy Manager will manage a team of people that prepare and manage a portfolio of properties, selected for the needs of each individual client, in order to help the client make an informed decision about the selection of a new residence as a part of the relocations progress. The Tenancy Manager is also responsible for overseeing the completion of any ownership contracts relating to the property, property inspections and the acquirement of utilities such as electricity and water.

What does a Tenancy Manager job description include? 

  • The Tenancy Manager is ultimately responsible for providing the client with suitable information regarding potential new residences, allowing them to make an informed decision on a property.
  • You must manage your team effectively, distributing the workload evenly and managing team resources to improve efficiency, but maintaining a high service level at all times.
  • The Tenancy Manager must ensure that the client receives the highest customer service, resolving any problems and answering any queries efficiently.
  • The Tenancy Manager must prepare a portfolio of properties for the client, assuring that each is well suited to the client’s needs and requirements having thoroughly researched the clients needs and budget available.
  • You must maintain accurate and up to date records of all clients and keep them organised within an archive.
  • The Tenancy Manager must attend all client meetings and assist with the administration and management of properties, including contracts, liaising with tradesmen and managing any leases/purchases.
  • You are responsible for the recruitment of any new staff and the subsequent training of all staff as well as the monitoring of staff sickness and performance records.

Key skills and qualifications of a Tenancy Manager:

  • You will ideally be educated to degree level and may also be required to hold any qualifications relevant to Tenancy Management.
  • You must have prior experience in Relocations Support or property management.
  • The Tenancy Manager requires a strong understanding of property management and finance.
  • The Tenancy Manager must have strong communication skills, able to focus on the client’s needs and requirements.
  • The Tenancy Manager must have good leadership skills and must be able to manage a team effectively.
  • You must be able to multitask, as well as problem-solve quickly using their initiative.
  • You must be proficient in Microsoft Office and able to use any other software relevant to Tenancy Management.

How to find more Tenancy jobs within the Relocations Industry:

To find more Tenancy Manger jobs or other jobs within this sector, or to place a vacancy, please contact us.