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Trading Assistant jobs

​Trading Assistant jobs are a great way to enter to the world of commodities trading. A junior trading job is varied and provides the perfect opportunity to learn how to be the best trader through the close contact you will have with experienced traders.

As a Trading Assistant you will be at the heart of the trading department, learning your craft through carrying out tasks, which initially may be mundane, but will eventually lead to gaining a full and invaluable understanding of the world of trading. The core of your daily work will be the support of traders on the floor and their client based work.

What does the job description include?

  • Your daily duties will include photocopying, coffee runs and general low level administrative tasks.
  • As a Trading Assistant, you will eventually become involved with assisting experienced traders and will execute trades on behalf of a senior trader.
  • As a Trading Assistant you will be required to receive the correct security prices in stock or bond transactions under the guidance of a Head Trader.
  • Typically, a Trading Assistant applies complex statistical tools and computer algorithms to identify and appraise securities that may be appropriate for a trader may buy on behalf of his client.

Key skills and qualifications of a Trade Assistant:

  • Most people who work as a Trader and start their career as a Trade Assistant must be educated to degree level. As a Trade Assistant you may not be required to hold additional industry specific qualifications of an experienced trader.
  • You must have excellent communication and numeracy skills and be flexible in your approach to your work.
  • A Trade Assistant must be willing to gain further qualifications in their own time.
  • You must have an analytical approach to your work and be able to problem solve in a logical manner.
  • A Trade Assistant must have a clear understanding of economic issues and be able to carry out research methodically and present data in a clear and concise way.
  • You must be familiar with the Microsoft Office suite.

How to find more Trade Assistant jobs within the Trading and Manufacturing Industry:

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