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Benefits Manager jobs

A skilled and experienced Benefits Manager working within the Human Resources sector will manage a benefit program, using continual study of employee needs and trends and external benefit programmes to meet the company's objectives of creating the best possible benefit program. Taking the responsibility of supporting the Reward or Benefits Director, you will assist one another in driving the strategic delivery of all benefits and pension activities, taking into account both employee and financial objectives. Also, you will continue to identify opportunities to enhance benefit propositions, whether that be introducing new benefits or identifying cost saving solutions in order to benefit your company, the main objective being to receive a positive response from it's employees. 

If excelling in this role, you may have the opportunity to further progress into a Reward or Benefits Director role. If the above sounds like a career path of interest, please view the full job description.

What does a Benefits Manager Job Description include?

The role requires the management and overseeing of the entire process of assisting with and devising a benefits program, as well as looking for areas of improvement. As well as this responsibility, you can expect your duties to include the following: 

  • The responsibility for managing the administration of the Executive Benefits committee to ensure that important decisions are made through a process of thorough research and planning in order to achieve the best possible result.
  • Lead the delivery of employee benefits and continually developing the programs in order to enhance existing benefit propositions, as well as identify, research and deliver new benefits.
  • Ensuring the business remains compliant with any benefits program requirements, and plans effectively for any future changes or developments will be a key responsibility, as this will benefit the company's longevity. 
  • The responsibility for continuing the company's own programme to support its employees in maintaining their physical, emotional and financial wellbeing which must be regularly be reviewed in order to keep the benefit programs up to date.
  • You may be responsible for managing a team of benefits staff including administrators and analysts. 
  • Managing the relationship with Employee Benefits Consultants and other stakeholders is an essential responsibility for this role

Key skills and qualifications of a Benefits Manager:

The following skills will be beneficial to a candidate looking to apply for this role:

  • You will be required to display multiple years of experience in a reward/benefits environment.  
  • Previous experience is a requirement for this role. 
  • A strong working knowledge and experience of pension and benefits legislation is essential. 
  • The ability to develop strong working relationships with internal and external stakeholders is crucial in this role.
  • A University graduate with a strong academic background is essential for this role. 
  • A CIPD qualification is preferred, but not essential. 
  • You will be required to show proficiency in Microsoft Office suite, displaying advanced Excel skills. 

How to find more Benefits Manager jobs within the HR Industry?

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