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Customs Manager jobs

An experienced and skilled Customs Manager will assist with the management of custom and corporate compliance across the entire company, ensuring that all processes are correctly adhered to in order to deliver the highest level of customer service and client satisfaction. The Customs Manager will assist customers with the application process, ensuring that they offer area expertise advice in order to assist with the progression of applications.

If excelling in this role, the Customs Manager may have the opportunity to further progress into a Head of Customs role. If the above sounds like a career path of interest, please view the full job description.

­­­­­ Customs Manager Duties:

The role of a Customs Manager will manage and update company records, ensuring that all customs related documents are stored accurately and in compliance with company regulations. As well as this responsibility, you can expect your duties to include the following:

  • Manage both customs and trade compliance across the company, ensuring that all global regulations are understood.
  • Responsible for determining Customs classifications and regulatory requirements (licenses, certificates, etc.)
  • Ensure the highest compliance levels for all customs and government agency requirements across all staff and teams.
  • Oversee entry auditing and reporting results and recommendations for improvement.
  • Ensure that company’s controls, policies, procedures, processes and applications are all understood by the team and implemented accordingly.
  • Ensure that all internal audits are being completed and actioned as per client requirements.
  • Provide ongoing training to keep up with changing trade compliance policies, this will involve attending seminars and conferences.
  • Perform due diligence checks on new customers when required to do so.
  • Ensure all customer authorisations are valid and kept up to date.
  • Manage the company’s interface using customs authorities.
  • Assist in the implementation and control of new legislations, which will be issued from HMRC.
  • Assist customers with their AEO/Applications.

Key skills and qualifications of a Customs Manager:

The following skills will be beneficial to a candidate looking to apply for this role:

  • Excellent understanding of International Trade, Compliance and Customs regulations
  • Knowledge of BIS/ECO/EAR/ITAR regulations.
  • Previous exposure to the development of business policies and process governance within an international business
  • Previous experience in working alongside international government agencies
  • An excellent knowledge of export and import controls is essential for this role.
  • AEO application experience would be beneficial for this role.

·      Adept with Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Excel, Word, etc.)

Is a Customs Manager in your future?

If the above sounds like a position that you would be suitable for, then please contact us here.​