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Transport Logistics Manager jobs

​The Transport department or as it is sometimes called Logistics, is responsible for the safe delivery of merchandise directly to consumers or other commercial operations.

The job of the Transport or Logistics Manager within the International/Domestic Courier industry is to manage and direct employees in the despatch, tracking and delivery of goods and materials using whatever mode of transportation is best suited to the cargo and budget of the customer.

What does a Transport or Logistics Manager job description include? 

  • The Transport Manager or as it sometimes called the Logistics Manager is expected to plan the daily logistics schedules of all goods either leaving or entering the warehouse or building.
  • As Transport or Logistics Manager you will responsible for a support team to help you to ensure operations run efficiently and effectively, this will require you to ensure all personnel are trained appropriately, including the company’s health and safety procedures.
  • You will be required to search for the most economical means of transportation for customers as well as achieve best profitable outcomes for the company.
  • Servicing customer relationships and expectations is important and as Transport or Logistics Manager, you will be client facing.
  • The Transport or Logistics Manager is also responsible for the maintenance and care of all vehicles and warehouse equipment inline with the company’s budgetary controls.
  • The Transport or Logistics Manager prepares the department budget and submits to his line manager for approval on an annual basis. The Transport Manager is tasked with achieving budgetary efficiency and will report monthly on progress.
  • You will be responsible for the management and tracking of all shipments and the negotiation of shipping tariffs. 

Key skills and qualifications of a Transport or Logistics Manager: 

  • You will be required to hold an advanced driving qualification.
  • As the Transport or Logistics Manager working within the International/Domestic Courier Industry, it is expected that you will have sound knowledge and commercial awareness of the industry. Depending upon the job, you may be required to have experience within a specific transportation area.
  • You must have excellent communication skills both written and verbal and excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Experience of man management/leadership is essential as well as experience of training and performance monitoring of staff.
  • The Transport or Logistics Manager must be fully aware of industry health and safety regulations and ensure all staff adhere to company policy in this respect.
  • You must be fully conversant with all industry standard software and be able to operation Microsoft Office Suite 

How to find more Transport Manager jobs within the International & Domestic Courier Industry:

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