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Transport Planner jobs

​Focusing on transport infrastructure, Transport Planners are responsible for planning, managing and improving the entire system, accountable for government transport legislation together with social and environmental road transport effects.

Transportation Planners traditionally forecast travel patterns, however, due to growing travel demand and environmental awareness their job now has a large engineering emphasis. They supervise the company’s transportation fleet, planning efficient and safe routes for drivers whilst still ensuring the company remains within government legislation and time deadlines.

What does a Transportation Planning job description include?

  • A Transport Planner ultimately creates suitable Transportation routes through the interpretation of travel surveys and accident reports, forming solutions to any problems and producing suggestions in clear reports for clients.
  • You must be able to use computers and mathematical models to forecast travel patterns and assess any infrastructure requirements
  • Depending upon your employer, you may liaise with residents, government officials and authorities regarding any problems or improvements for transport infrastructure and their funding, simultaneously evaluating cost and benefits.
  • A Transport Planner must also act as a witness in public enquiries and design surveys and initial ideas for any improved Transportation systems as and when required.

Key skills and qualifications of a Transport Manager:

  • You may be required to hold relevant Transportation Planning qualifications, including health and safety.
  • A Transport Planner must be versatile, able to work as part of a team or individually and communicate with authorities, government officials or and residents.
  • A Transport Planner must be able to work under their own initiative as they will be required to form solutions to potential transport problems and will be required to make decisions instantaneously.
  • You must also have strong negotiating and reasoning skills as a Transport Planner is required to write bids for the funding of projects and to work efficiently within time and budget constraints.
  • A Transport Planner also requires high communication skills as they must work with a variety of people and participate in public consultation initiatives.
  • You must be familiar with Microsoft Office Suite as well as any other industry standard computer programs.

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