Alchemy’s Tips For An Improved LinkedIn Profile

Alchemy’s Tips For An Improved LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn has entered a new age, gone are the days of overly corporate communications – now the platform is flooded with job seekers, recruiters and individuals who see the platform as a new social tool.

Your LinkedIn profile could be the first thing employers for recruiters see, especially if you are applying for jobs via LinkedIn so it’s important your profile looks just as good as your CV.

Professional Photo

This doesn't mean your photo has to be taken by a professional, but avoid a photo with a Snapchat filter or from the end of a night out. Mobile phone cameras aren’t a match for a professional camera but they’ll do the job just fine.

A headshot is best with good lighting, either minimal backdrop or edited to have a colour in your backdrop and a smart, happy smile.

It’s best to look inviting and friendly!

Awesome Aesthetic

Make use of the banner photo on your profile, use this to inject some colour, your interests, or your information. An eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing profile while sending the message that you take pride in all that you do.

Snappy Summary

Your Summary is the best place to add a bit about you, what you do and what you can bring to your future employer. You can also add links. if you’re a creative individual this is a great space to add your virtual portfolio.

Make sure to inject some personality too!

Helpful Headline

Your headline will be what shows under your name when you interact with others posts on LinkedIn so make it snappy and memorable.

We’ve seen jokes, phone numbers and silly catch-phrases so snoop around for some inspiration!

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

LinkedIn has a recruiting function, where both internal and agency recruiters can search for desirable candidates for their vacancies, so keywords are important at getting noticed. When writing your summary, headline, and job summaries try to add some keywords relevant keywords for your job and industry.

You may be the most qualified person out there, but if none of this is reflected in the content on your LinkedIn profile you may never be found by Talent professionals.

Training & Certificates

Are you fluent in another language? Have you completed online Courses? Are you First Aid Trained or a Fire Marshall?

Make sure to add the certificates and training you’ve undertaken. Especially if you’re looking to branch into a new industry and don’t have any field experience but have completed practical or educational courses on the subject – this will make you stand out!

Cohesive CV

Make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your CV or Resume. It is becoming increasingly common for interviewers and prospective employers to take a look at your LinkedIn profile as well as your CV. Any discrepancies may be noted. This is particularly important if you have your LinkedIn profile URL included in your contact information on your CV.

Network Like It’s Going Out of Fashion

As of July 2021, LinkedIn had 740 million members, 55 million companies and spans across 200 countries/territories so networking is key to get your name and objective out there.

Interact with other people’s content, content with individuals in your industry or who work at a company you have your heart set on. The more you get your name out there the more likely you are to be noticed and this will work in your favour!

LinkedIn also offers groups and pages that you can follow and be a part of, great for joining a collective of people who are just like you.


Don’t be shy and get your name and skills out there. Keep your profile professional but eye-catching and enjoy the experience. LinkedIn had a reputation for being purely for CEO’s and senior members of the workforce, but with a new age of LinkedIn users, this is changing daily.

Get networking and see the rewards! ​