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Freight Forwarding Sales Jobs

Freight Forwarding Sales Jobs FAQs 

1. What does a freight forwarding sales role involve?

Freight forwarder salespeople sell shipping and logistics services to businesses that import and export goods globally. Main responsibilities include prospecting new accounts, understanding client shipping needs, creating solutions involving air/ocean transport, preparing quotes, and ensuring timely delivery per commitments. The job also requires coordinating operational teams internally to execute on sales agreements.

2. What skills and qualifications are required?

Strong communication abilities are essential to understand customer requirements and convey solutions clearly. Sales orientation, negotiation skills and tenacity also help secure deals and achieve targets. While some earn a logistics or supply chain degree, prior industry or customer service experience can be sufficient. Knowledge of shipping operations, regulations and analytics tools is valued as well.

3. What is the work environment like?

Freight forwarding sales roles usually operate full-time from branch offices or remotely. Work can be fast-paced with deadlines for quoted solutions. As account representatives, employees build long-term relationships with traders and import/export companies in assigned territories. Frequent regional travel may be needed for face-to-face client meetings and conferences.

4. What are typical entry points into freight forwarding sales?

Many begin in junior sales or account manager roles focused on transactional shipping services. Area sales associate jobs that involve visiting potential small business clients also offer training. Some start in customer service, operations or marketing jobs to learn the logistics industry before transitioning to a sales career path.

5. What is the career growth upside and salary range?

Besides base pay, commission and bonuses based on sales targets and volumes shipped can enhance total compensation. Salaries range from £20,000 for entry-level account reps to over £100,000 annually for directors of sales globally. Experienced reps at large freight forwarders can also earn £50,000 plus. Sales management, regional VP and SVP posts offer higher long term advancement opportunities.

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