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Scala Engineer - Remote

Job Description

A leading Global Technology firm is seeking a Scala Engineer to join their team in The Netherlands - this is a remote role 

Required experience:
  • Must have 2+ years of experience with Scala language
  • Must have good knowledge on Functional Programming principles (Pure functions, Referential Transparency, Functional Composition)
  • Must have good experience working with Scala basics: Case classes, Futures, Higher Order Functions, Scala Collections, Exception Handling, Pattern Matching, Currying, Partial Functions etc.
  • Should be good at Scala advanced concepts: Type classes, Functors, Applicatives, Monads, Monad transformers, tagless final, free, optics etc.
  • Good to have experience in any of Scala based functional framework, eg: ScalaZ, Cats, fs2, ZIO, http4s etc
  • Must have good experience on Akka basics: Actors, persistence, scheduling, super visioning,  error-kernel
  • Must have good understanding on Akka advanced concepts: event sourcing,  monitoring, distributed data, clustering, sharding, split-brain etc
  • Good to have experience with some monitoring tools and dashboards like Kamon, Cinnamon etc
  • Should have basic knowledge on Javascript
  • Must be conversant with latest updates in EcmaScript (ES6 onwards)
  • Experience with modern javascript frameworks - Angular, React, Polymer, ELM, Purescript etc is desirable 
  • Experience with both RDBMS and NoSQL DB concepts is desirable
  • Good to have experience with performance tuning, query optimization, schema design etc
  • Understanding on concepts like CAP theorem, Scalability / Availability tradeoffs etc
  • Preferred some experience with REST and micro service architecture.
  • CI/CD knowledge ex: Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Git etc is desirable
  • Good communication and problem-solving skills