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Transport Coordinator

Job Description

A prestigious fine art company are looking for an enthusiastic Transport Coordinator to join their growing team based in London.


  • Oversee a staff of over 30 driver technicians on a daily basis and hold various meetings on procedures, communication and discipline.
  • Assist Operator license holders in ensuring the following criteria is met:
    • Ensure that all traffic and vehicle laws are followed.
    • Keep adequate records and follow the guidelines for driver's hours.
    • Make sure that trucks and trailers are not overloaded.
    • Ascertain that vehicles follow speed limitations.
    • Maintain the fit and serviceability of motor vehicles and trailers.
    • Any flaws that may jeopardise the safe operation of vehicles or trailers should be reported as soon as possible.
  • Approve transportation staff’s holiday and sickness requests.
  • Organise and provide technical skills training for new hires as well as refresher training for current personnel.
  • Conduct frequent inspections to ensure that the vehicles have the proper equipment and materials on board.
  • Ensure that driver technicians have the proper tools and fittings.
  • Fill out the transport diary with transport jobs.
  • As needed, booking of external resources.
  • Create a daily workload schedule for up to 30+ drivers/technicians.
  • Verify that the information provided for each job is accurate, and that cross-departmental contact is maintained.
  • Gather drivers' folders for the next day's excursions and double-check all paperwork.
  • Handle small cash.
  • As needed, process and report accident forms.
  • Enter transportation charges into AMS.


  • Experience in the transportation industry, as well as a thorough understanding of the United Kingdom's geography, is required.
  • Knowledge of the Working Time Regulations of 1998 is required.
  • Ability to function well under duress.
  • Highly collaborative with excellent internal and external communication abilities and administrative excellence with a keen eye for detail.
  • Ability to keep accurate and legible records, as well as filing and monitoring systems.
  • Strong computer literacy and strong numerical and analytical abilities.
  • Time management skills and the ability to see tasks through to completion.
  • Knowledge of the art world would be beneficial.
  • Assists colleagues, clients, and suppliers in resolving security issues and, if necessary, escalates them.