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Fine Art Shipping Director jobs

As a Fine Art Shipping Director, you will be responsible for the overseeing of the entire Fine Art Shipping operation, displaying exceptional managerial and organisational skills.

Fine Art Shipping Director Job Duties:

As a Fine Art Shipping Director, you can expect your duties to include the following:

  • You will be responsible for planning and budgeting the company’s annual expenditures and producing a financial forecast.
  • You will be responsible for generating reports for the company’s forecast, profit and revenue, on both a monthly and annual basis.
  • You will review and implement changes to the companies procedures, ensuring the increase of efficiency.
  • You will be responsible for overseeing the entire logistical operation for the shipping of Fine Art.
  • You will ensure Senior Account Managers are maintaining large and key accounts.
  • You will be responsible for the management of all staff, all HR related enquiries and the recruitment of staff.
  • You will be responsible for liaising with key clients to review service terms and make amendments accordingly.
  • You will be responsible for reviewing each department individually and directing funds to areas in need of development.
  • You will be required to attend board meetings and provide sales analysis to monitor the overall company success and develop plans for future growth.
  • You will be required to ensure all company policies and procedures are adhered to at all times through the communication with senior leadership teams.
  • You will set company targets and monitor the progress of individual departments.
  • You will be required to attend conferences and networking events to gain new high-end clients and form business relationships.
  • You will act as the general figurehead for the entire company and it’s operations.

Key skills and qualifications of a Fine Art Shipping Director:

The following skills will be beneficial to a candidate looking to apply for this role:

  • Previous experience in a managerial role for a fine art shipping company is essential.
  • Having profit and loss budgeting experience is essential for this role.
  • Exceptional leadership and communication skills are required.
  • Being a target driven individual with the ability to create a strong business plan is beneficial for this role.
  • The ability to maintain networks and encourage staff to perform highly.
  • Excellent computer literacy and administration skills are required.

Is a Fine Art Shipping Director job in your future?

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