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Intermodal Manager jobs

Working as an Intermodal Manager means that you are responsible for managing and overseeing commercial and operational aspects of intermodal (road/rail/sea/air) for the organisation. You will be a key contributor to the organisation’s transport strategy and so this position offers post holders a fantastic career path into senior manager roles.


Intermodal Management is a key element to any business where the transportation of freight is critical to the organisation. Moving freight from one location to another presents many challenges and so the position of Intermodal Manager is perfect for someone with a thorough understanding of the industry with a desire to carve a rewarding career.

What does the job description include?

  • As an Intermodal Manager you will be responsible for the company’s transport strategy, which will require you to liaise and consult with other members of the management team to ensure the strategy fits with the company’s aims and ambitions.
  • The position of Intermodal Manager means that you will manage a team of people whose principle aim will be to execute the transport strategy. You will also be expected to recruit and train new employees to the required competency levels and ensure all legislative requirements are met.
  • Your role will require that you get the best pricing and achieve maximum efficiency from all modes of transportation used by obtaining the best routing of all freight to be transported.
  • The Intermodal Manager usually works closely with other members of the management team, in particular the Logistics Manager. It will be your joint responsibility to ensure best practice as well as achieving both budgetary and time targets set by the company.
  • Developing a career within Intermodal Management also provides a great opportunity to work in a client facing role. The Intermodal Manager will be expect to maintain excellent client relationships as well as build strong links with suppliers, ensuring the best rates are achieved.
  • Quality control and health and safety are also very important in the role of Intermodal Manager, which may include the maintenance, updating and distribution of company manuals.

Key skills and qualifications of an Intermodal Manager:

  • To qualify as an Intermodal Manager, ideally you will be educated to degree level or hold relevant qualifications/experience pertinent to Intermodal Management.
  • You must have had pervious experience as an Intermodal Manager and be able to demonstrate good man management skills as this role involves the management of people.
  • Strong interpersonal skills are really important to be successful as an Intermodal Manager, as communication is a key element of this role.
  • An Intermodal Manager needs strong analytical skills and must be numeric as strategic planning and devising and running budgets both for clients as well as inline with company requirements are a daily element of this job.
  • You must be proficient in the use of standard industry computer programs as well as be able to work with Microsoft Office suite.

How to find more Intermodal Manager jobs within the Shipping Line/Agency Industry:

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