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Job Description

Alchemy are currently partnering with a global technology firm who are looking to recruit an API COE Lead to be based onsite in Krakow, PL.


  • Center of Excellence (COE) for API Platform & Ecosystems under Group Digital Channels consists of architecture/engineering. professionals specializing in establishing and scaling API platform and ecosystems.  
  • COE supports API awareness and adoption, API lifecycle management & governance.
  • COE enables the platform for Integration/System API Owners (IT) to expose reusable services to other stakeholders.
  • COE enables the platform for Business API Owners (Business users) to create business value around internal technology capabilities.
  • COE is responsible for the entire lifecycle the governance, configuring & publishing the API, monitoring & supporting the API platform.
  • COE oversees API design and development across the organization.
  • COE manages all the APIs in the catalog to avoid duplication, enable reuse, and assist with developer access.
  • COE establishes security standards and protocols includes the two-factor authentication, access-management controls, and appropriate network monitoring to detect bots and other unwanted cyberactivity (working together with IT team).
  • As COE Lead the primary objective of this role is to lead the API Platform and Ecosystems COE to build a scalable and extensible platform to service the Groupwide API needs both externally and internally.

Key Responsibilities:

  • As COE Lead  Pioneering Ecosystems API.
  • Establish the COE API Platform and Ecosystems and operationalize its mandate.
  • Assess the market with business owners, evaluate customer insights and bring to life the future of API ecosystem, delivering innovative and responsive services and applications though strategy and product ownership. 
  • Lead evaluation, assessment, designing and development of blueprint for API Gateway and Management Platform solutions that best fits GDC ecosystems API aspiration within the context of IT Modernization and Digital Transformation, be it by leveraging on a commercial solution or by owning and evolving an open source technology.
  • Craft strategy with team members and product/ engineering/ architecture counterparts to establish and scale a developer and partner network around the Ecosystems API Platform.
  • Initiate, draft and manage until management approval stage Ecosystems API related pre-project enablers for Digital initiatives.
  • Setup delivery and supporting functions such Application management that entails the Ecosystems API Platform application deployment, configuration and maintenance and the Run team.