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ESG & Supply Chain Manager

Job Description

Our client, a well-respected removals company, is seeking an ESG & Supply Chain Manager to join their team based in North-West London.

This role requires strong operational leadership responsibility as the successful candidate will be setting plans and goals in order to drive and improve the companies ESG PR.

  • Create a company-specific ESG programme, define goals, and track progress and performance both internally and externally throughout supply chain partners.
  • Compile and measure current activities, make plans and goals for the next few years.
  • Ensure that data measurements are accurate. 
  • Working with outside sources to analyse and offer certification when necessary.
  • Find partners and establish programmes that will allow personnel to participate while also allowing the business to contribute to the community.
  • Boost and improve ESG's public relations in all areas. 
  • Ensure customers, supply chain and personnel are informed about our performance and cost savings.
  • Onboard and manage new and existing suppliers ensuring directories are kept up to date and all internal staff are aware of any changes.
  • Monitor partnership value and performance by analysing satisfaction survey results.
  • Create a sophisticated internal supply chain network and a performance management programme.
  • Manage internal technology initiatives effectively, monitor multiple projects simultaneously whilst keeping all stakeholders informed
  • Oversee the complete project whilst maintaining awareness of budgets and cost restrictions.
  • Maintain the storage department's overall effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Previous operational leadership experience is required.
  • Has the ability to work on their own initiative.
  • Project management expertise, including incorporating key stakeholders and supervising change from start to finish with quantifiable outcomes.
  • Ability to spot high-potential possibilities.
  • The ability to operate with the ultimate goal in mind, making steady progress towards long-term objectives.
  • Good communication skills and ability to connect with all levels of stakeholders.
  • IT Proficient and past expertise in engaging towards Operating system programme development.

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