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Warehouse Operation Manager

Job Description

Alchemy is working alongside a major name within the moving and relocation industry in their search for an experienced Warehouse Operation Manager to join their busy moving team.


Based in Hong Kong, the ideal candidate will be responsible for management of all aspects of the warehouse, including equipment, staff, operational procedures, and inventory control for the moving and relocation industry.

Overseeing the operational and economical maintenance of all machinery within the warehouse (for example; fork trucks; pallet trucks; banding machines etc)

Ensuring all vehicles are safe and in accordance with company and moving & relocation industry safety guidelines

Monitoring stock and equipment levels and ordering replenishments as and when required, ensuring supplies ordered are economical and good quality.

Verifying moving and relocation delivery paperwork and approving purchase orders and invoices.

Maintaining an accurate record of all items moving in and out of the warehouse and completing all paperwork relating to these goods accurately.

Ensuring the warehouse is a safe working environment at all times, and that all employees are operating in a manner in line with the moving company health and safety guidelines.

Responsibilities and duties:


  • Taking requests from salesmen/customer for product needed from storage to go out for delivery.
  • Finding where the product is in the warehouse and creating a pull order to have requested item shipped.
  • Allocating labour to have a product pulled and ready to go, sometimes doing it personally.
  • Prepping product to ship without damage.
  • Notifying dispatcher of pull and where the product is located for delivery when date arrives.


  • Scheduling date and labor for bringing product into warehouse
  • Unloading truck of product when it arrives.
  • Inspect all product for damage or missing parts.
  • Skid, inventory, and shrink wrap all product.
  • Locate all product in warehouse locations.

Data Entry:

  • Enter all product received into the warehouse inventory control system.
  • Pull all product out of inventory control system.
  • Make any changes on information or locations.
  • Create storage accounts with billing information and charges.


  • After work is complete apply all warehouse charges for handling, materials, rentals to work orders in timely fashion.
  • Check and hand in all warehouse hours weekly to be applied to warehouse crews pay for the week.
  • New product coming or going out:
  • Schedule all incoming shipments with trucking companies.
  • Contact salesmen/furniture customer for delivery tickets/paperwork for each job.
  • Schedule labor and create space for all incoming shipments.
  • All new product received must be inspected/checked off of bingo sheet.
  • Send email to contact and salesmen notifying them of receipt of product, scanned images of paperwork, and pictures of any damages.
  • Check off all new product received against delivery tickets previously provided to notify when an order is complete.
  • Follow schedule of job and make sure everything ships out properly as requested by the installation team.

Fork Truck Maintenance:

  • Make sure all equipment used by the warehouse is in good working order.
  • Call and schedule appointments for maintenance/issues on all machines.
  • Approve all billing by contractor.

Tractor Trailer Rental:

  • Process all requests by customers and salesmen for storage trailer rentals including size, time rented, location, billing info, etc.
  • Make reservations with rental company for the information provided.
  • Make sure the labor and job are scheduled to deal with the trailers.
  • Track all trailers rented to ensure accurate information and locations of trailers.
  • Enter all information into the computer for billing.
  • Approve all billing on the trailers for payment.
  • Notify rental contractor of trailers being returned after job is complete.

Packing Materials/Additional Materials:

  • Track and capture all costs for packing materials used by warehouse and crews on road.
  • Ensure we have enough materials for upcoming jobs.
  • Create list of needs to be ordered and schedule labor to pick up these materials.


  • Track and charge for all trash/metal returning to warehouse from jobs.
  • When trailers are full schedule labor to have the trailers emptied and returned to be filled again.

Used Furniture:

  • Inspect and decide on whether product coming back for trash/scrap metal has a value.
  • Anything with value is then inventoried and loaded onto a used furniture trailer.
  • Scan inventory and send to salesman to have product shipped to various vendors.
  • Track loaded trailers and inventories to be pulled when requested by salesman.



Experience of working within the moving and relocation sector

Ideally 5 years’ previous Warehouse management experience (minimum) ideally within the moving and relocation industry

Ability to lead by example

Excellent communication and man management skills

Well organised, presented and motivated.