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Compensation and Benefits Director jobs

​A skilled and experienced Compensation and Benefits Director will be responsible for designing and implementing compensation packages and programs that adhere to the company's strategic plans and objectives. As a Compensation and Benefits Director, you will research and plan in order to devise fair and appealing bonus programmes for employees, ensuring that all programmes comply with current legislations and laws, whilst considering staff satisfaction. 

Compensation and Benefits Director Job Duties:

The role of a Compensation and Benefits Director requires you to research and develop compensation and benefit packages which consider both company and employee requirements. As well as this responsibility, you can expect your duties to include the following: 

  • Monitor and improve compensation and benefits programs globally. 
  • Designing incentive compensations, commission structures and equity and executive compensation, whilst also keeping track of prevailing pay rates, ensuring competitive compensation plans are offered. 
  • Lead the annual salary review, ensuring that all salaries and benefits comply with any current laws or legislations. 
  • Work closely with external partners to analyse industry standards in order to benchmark salaries. 
  • You will be responsible for employee enrolment into benefits programs. 
  • Continually analyse benefit options that are available through both external insurance and investment companies. 
  • Write and submit reports on compensation packages and pay-roll statistics, ensuring adherence to government regulations. 
  • The Compensation and Benefits Director will write and deliver training to the business on benefits, absence and compensation programs.
  • Identify trends and develop new practices where needed to engage and motivate employees, whilst also ensuring to research employee motives in order to implement appealing rewards and devise programs tailored to employee needs.

Key skills and qualifications of a Compensation and Benefits Director:

The following skills will be beneficial to a candidate looking to apply for this role:

  • A relevant bachelor's degree or CIPD qualification is required for this role. 
  • Experience as a reward expert or HR generalist with compensation and benefit project management experience is essential for this role. 
  • You will need to demonstrate innovation and creativity alongside commercial awareness. 
  • A strategic background in managing executive level compensation and benefits programmes.

Is a Compensation and Benefits Director job in your future?

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