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Relocation Consultant jobs

The Relocation Consultant is responsible for overseeing the relocation process, locating suitable neighbourhoods for the client’s religion, school requirements and career.

The Relocation Consultant arranges a variety of aspects of the move on behalf of the client and responds to all questions posed by the client with regards to the relocations process. The Relocation Consultant communicates with the entire relocations team to provide the best level of customer service, overseeing the tenancy/purchase of property and the transport of household goods. In order to provide the optimum service, the Relocation Consultant must find out the client’s specific needs relating to the relocation and their priorities.

What does a Relocation Consultant job description include?

  • The Relocation Consultant is primarily on hand to answer any queries which the client may have about the moving process, including costs.
  • The Relocation Consultant must find neighbourhoods, residences and schools/childcare for the client relevant to their needs and priorities, coordinating with any other consultants to provide optimum service.
  • The service of the Relocations Consultant may be used for individuals moving for many reasons, either domestic relocating or commercial relocating.
  • You may also have to assess international relocations as well as national relocations.
  • The Relocations Consultant must manage all activities performed by external companies in relation to the move.
  • You must review all aspects of the move, ensuring all are of a satisfactory standard, and prepare weekly status reports for the client.
  • The Relocations Consultant must also negotiate with landlords, suppliers and other agents to secure the most efficient service for the client.

Key skills and qualifications of a Relocation Consultant:

  • You may be expected to hold any qualifications associated with Relocation Consultancy.
  • A Relocation Consultant must be an effective communicator, as most of the job revolves around communication with the client, colleagues and third party companies/agents.
  • The Relocation Consultant must be able to meet deadlines and be able to associate well with clients to ensure that relocations process works to fit their requirements, but above all, be sensitive to their needs both personally and professionally.
  • The Relocation Consultant must be organised and able to multitask to coordinate the move process smoothly.
  • You must be able to negotiate and problem solve effectively and be able to read a situation that may be proving stressful to the client or their family in regards to the move.
  • You must be proficient in Microsoft Office and any other software relevant to a Relocation Consultant.

How to find more Relocations Consultant jobs within the Relocations Industry:

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