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Corporate Relocations Customer Services Manager jobs

Working in Corporate Relocations/International Removals as a Customer Services Manager is a great way to progress your career. This job is especially suited to someone who is very customer focused and has great interpersonal skills. Establishing a career in Customer Services allows you to gain an understanding of a very critical part of any business, its customers.

As a Customer Service Manager your primary role is to support both the Client, and the Moving Company. Customer Service staff are directly involved with customers as and you will be responsible for resolving issues arising with customers and staff where conflict may occur, or advice may be required. As a Customer Service Manager you will be leading a team of Customer Service Coordinators in International and Corporate Removals who will be will be working with corporate clients and their families ensuring a smooth transition to their new home. This role is extremely rewarding and one which is fast moving and often deadline driven.

What does a Customer Services Manager job description include?

  • You will be responsible for a team of people and you may be focused regionally or country/world-wide depending upon the size of the organisation.
  • One of your key responsibilities will be to assist and advise your staff on how to manage client interaction and provide help and advice on key customer service skills.
  • If you are employed by a large organisation that has other offices, you will be required to attend meetings with other Customer Service Managers and contribute to company policy and strategic planning for your area of work.
  • The Customer Services Coordinator in International and Corporate Relocations is responsible for ensuring staff support customers and their families in a sensitive and efficient manner.
  • As a Customer Services Manager you will be expected to assist in the setting of targets and ensuring staff achieve targets set. You may also be involved with budget setting and basic accounting.

Key skills and qualifications:

  • You may be required to be educated to degree level or equivalent, or in some cases, career progression from Customer Service Coordination may be sufficient to gain access to this position.
  • As a Customer Service Manager, excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential for this role as you will be customer facing, plus leading a team of people where communication skills are very important.
  • A Customer Services Manager you must be able to resolve disputes in a fair and calm manner and be able to identify issues, which could potentially become problematic and avoid situations arising.
  • You will be required to write reports on Customer Service activity and propose recommendations on how improvements could be made for the benefit of the company and its customers. You will also be required to analyse and interpret data and so presentation skills are very important.
  • You will be expected to be familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint as well as any industry standard software associated with Corporate Relocations/International Removals.

How to find more Customer Service Manager jobs within the Corporate Relocations Industry:

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