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hexagon green blue lights art
NFTs Part Two: Why are they popular in the Art World?

​Welcome to Part Two of Alchemy’s blog on NFT Art!Picking up where we left off – we now know what NTFs are and what they represent. But why do people buy them? Why have they become so popular in ...

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Cube Digital Art Nft
NFT Art Explained: Part One

​In 2022, NFTs, bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain seem to be words present in every conversation on technology, art or futurism. Galleries and Auction houses are setting up their very own NF...

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art paintbrush canvas paint
Should Art Be Restored?

The Art Of RestorationThe art of restoration is the subject of heated and long-running controversy.Is it lowering the value of art? After restoration, who can an artwork be truly credited to? What ...

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antique fine art green vase
Auction Houses vs Online Bidding

High-end retailers and luxury brands have been hesitant to offer their items online in the past, and have avoided using digital selling platforms. This is a deliberate decision taken by powerful fi...

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